Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beep! Beep! Spotted by a Roadrunner~~ Art Series of my Journey West

Texas Roadrunner

~~Cindy Morawski

Sometimes, I can't see the forest for the trees.  When I  recently roadtripped to Caprock Canyon State Park, in the Texas Panhandle,  I kept trying to spot those famous free-roaming buffalo.  There's a Texas herd that resides at Caprock.  I love the idea of the buffalo's triumphant return.  It always seemed like such a tragedy to me that they were practically wiped-out in the past, due to senseless overhunting.  As a kid, I remember reading about guys in the 1800's, sharp-shooting across the plains via a train ride.  Killing the buffalo just for sport.  And, with the Old West's infantry army trying desperately to round up the Plains Indians onto secured forts and reservations, wiping out the buffalo seemed one more guarantee of killing not just the buffalo, but also the spirit of a free people. 
So, I was craning my neck with camera in-hand.  I could see half a buffalo hiding behind a cedar tree.  Paul kept saying, "Hey, look through the park telescope.  You can see quite a few."  Gee, that seemed too easy.  Whew!  Meanwhile, getting back to not seeing the forest for the trees, a roadrunner almost ran into me while I was straining my eyes to see the buffalo.  I looked down.  Beep!  Beep!  The roadrunner was furtively speeding by in an attempt to get a desert lizard.  Paul came up behind me.  "Didn't you notice him trying to figure out whether or not to cross your path?" 
"No, I was too busy on the hunt for buffalo."  But, I guess, the roadrunner took pity on me.  He circled back so that I could get a photograph of him.  I thought the distant relative of the cuckoo was rather a handsome bird.  He wanted me to notice him.  I couldn't wait to start a painting!   Beep!  Beep! 
*PS:  If you'd like to take a summer art class with me, please give me a call or an email.  It could be for an hour or longer.  I can include a demo at your request.  My art classes will also include your supplies.  Here's my Studio phone number:  210.522.0706.  Email:  cski02@sbcglobal.net. 
*PSS:  The above painting is a 5x7 pastel portrait painting of a Texas Roadrunner.  It will include a beautiful gallery frame and glass for $75.  

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