Monday, June 28, 2010

What Texas Means to Me, new Austin juried art show

Almost Home, a Texas Landscape Painting by Cindy Morawski

Checking out Mother's Vegetarian Cafe while in Austin
Keeping it weird! If I ever go missing, and I end up in the Witness Protection Program, psssst! just between you and me . . . I'm headin' to Austin! Everytime I visit our capital city, I feel like I'm almost home, just like in the title of my recent Texas landscape. That town feels like a well-worn pair of jeans that fit just right. Boy howdy!
I drove to Austin today to drop off my painting at the Austin Art Space Gallery. I found out on June 11th that I was accepted into a juried show judged by master painter, Phillip Wade. My painting was one of the 39 out of over 150 works of art from all over the country and world that made it into the show. I'm about ready to do a cartwheel; I'm so excited!
The exhibit starts July 2nd and runs through August 28th this summer. You can check out the finalists at Just go to News & Contact and click on June 2010. The accepted paintings are featured there along with all the art news. Here's the address if you're interested in doing some gallery hoppin' in Austin.
Austin Art Space Gallery & Studios
7739 Northcross Dr., Suite Q
Austin, TX 78757
PS: Just wanted to say THANKS for all your support this past weekend for my June Art-a-rama! It was great to see my friends and neighbors at my art event, and I appreciated your patronage. I hope to have another backyard art event in October so stay tuned for more info at a later date. Thanks again!!!
Lone Star Painter,

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Big Tent Art Show and Sale
You're invited to the June Art-a-rama!
June 26th, 2010, 9 to 4
June 25 & 27, 9 to 2
Red, white, and blue savings!
Original and handmade paintings, prints, cards, jewelry...
Great for gifts, home decor, personal shopping!
~Four Artists~
Invite your family and friends too!
Cindy Morawski
8603 Waldon Hts.
(Braun Station West)
San Antonio, TX 78254

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Mountain Landscape: "Smoky Mountain Retreat"

Smoky Mountain Retreat
by Cindy Morawski

It's June and vacation time. For me, summer vacations are all about heading to somewhere cool, like in the hills or mountains. My recent landscape painting is dedicated to the Smokies and all things cool!


Please tell me about your summer vacation. I'll live vicariously through you. With limited funds this summer, I won't be heading to the mountains unless it's in my imagination. Whew!


And, speaking of mountains, I read a book this month about a couple who had an adventure mountain climbing in Africa. It's called A Change in Altitude by Anita Shreve. I've read all her books, and this one's her latest. I like mountain resorts and hiking in the mountains, but my idea of mountain climbing would not involve lots of equipment, expensive guides, and elevations over 9000 feet. Risking my life to say I reached the summit. No thanks.


Happy Trails!


Monday, June 14, 2010

New Grand Canyon Landscapes and a Quiz!

Redwall's Buttes at the Grand Canyon

Canyon's Gold on the Colorado

April Morning on the Bright Angel Trail

New Grand Canyon Landscapes by Cindy Morawski
Here's a Grand Canyon Trivia Quiz. See what you know about this spectacular natural wonder of America.
  1. The Grand Canyon covers an area larger than the size of what U.S. state:
a. New Jersey b. Rhode Island c. New Mexico d. Hawaii
2. What is the name of the river that extends 277 miles in northwest Arizona and the Grand
a. Columbia River b. Rio Grande c. Mississippi d. Colorado
3. Which part of the Grand Canyon is the most developed and has the most visitors?
a. South Rim b. North Rim c. East Rim d. West Rim
4. How deep is the Grand Canyon?
a. 2 miles b. 1. 5 miles c. 1 mile d. 2.5 miles
5. Grand Canyon National Park has 38 hiking trails and covers about 40o miles. Name one of the main trails into the the canyon.
a. Phantom Ranch b. Bright Angel c. Cape Royal d. Mohave
*Answers in the next blog! Or, if you can't wait, just email me. Check out your Quiz Score: 5 out of 5~~National Park Ranger!... 4 out of 5~~National Park Explorer... 3 out of 5~~Lucky Tourist... 2 out of 5~~Most likely to need rescued in a National Park... 1 out 5~~National Park Disaster!
After three past visits to the Grand Canyon and then while recently enjoying a friend's photos of a spring trip to the canyon, I felt an electrical surge of certainty. Why not paint the landscapes of the Grand Canyon? They are indeed one of our National Treasures. I decided on a series of three that would include the Colorado River, the Bright Angel Trail in springtime, and those red canyon walls with the desert vegetation in silhouette.
All my paintings were completed on beige Colourfix Art Spectrum paper. After a dry wash of the foundations colors, I sketched in my horizon and general shapes. Next, I tackled the composition while keeping my earlier value study in mind. In order to stay inspired and feel like I was present at the canyon, I played Native American instrumental music; the CD was called Migration and it featured songs like "Walking the Path" and "Quietude."
If you're looking for a family vacation or trip this next year, you might consider the Grand Canyon. It's one of the most popular parks in the national park system for a reason. It's simply GRAND! Check out my website ( for more info about these recent paintings. Better yet, come by and see them in person at my home gallery, Mockingbird Studio.
Happy Trails!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Texas Pastel Society National Juried Exhibition, June 2 - 29, 2010

TXPS Opening Art Reception Photos
June 4, 2010
Elaine Felder Gallery
New Braunfels Art League
Oh what a night! Team Texas Pastel Society brought it together and created a beautiful juried exhibition and competition art event of paintings, artists, patrons, friends and family in a reception that proved to be a hit and a highlight for the year. Mary Lopez, president of TXPS and Alan Flattmann, our Juror, handed out the participants' certificates Awards for Excellence; plus, ribbon awards and $2400 worth of prizes were given to the top artists who won for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, and honorable mention for the categories of landscape, portrait/animals and still life/floral. Eunice Hundley received Best of Show for her portrait painting entitled The Gypsy Shawl.
Personally, it was a huge deal for me. As an emerging artist, I felt honored to be a part of this national show. I'm glad that I was one of the celebrated artists. It was a night that I won't ever forget!
~~Cindy Morawski, Pastelist and Member of TXPS

Friday, June 4, 2010

Texas Pastel Society National Juried Exhibition

When Road Met Sky
Juried Landscape by Cindy Morawski
You are invited!
Texas Pastel Society
National Juried
Competition and Exhibition
June 2 - 29, 2010
Alan Flattmann, Juror
Opening Reception
June 4, 2010 5 - 9 p.m
Gallery open daily
New Braunfels Art League
239 W. San Antonio
New Braunfels
Hope you can join me!