Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hey, Pardner! Time for Rodeo Limericks & Art Work

Frontier Freedom, the Life of the Cowboy

by Cindy Morawski

Leapin' Limericks on the Range
~~Cindy Morawski

There once was a man from St. Paul . . .  Oops!  No, I'm not going to share that limerick.  When's the last time you read or heard a limerick?  It might have been bawdy, silly, or just plain fun.  I remember reading Edward Lear's limericks in the past and laughing out-loud.  I liked his work for several reasons, but one was because he paired each one with a humorous illustration or painting.  Art and poetry can be an entertaining duo. 

Limericks were once named after the town of Limerick, Ireland.  They possess a strong rhyme and beat.  They can also be paired with music because of that.  The standard rhyme scheme is AABBA~~5 lines with the lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyming, and lines 3 and 4 rhyming.  Limericks popularity often stem from the fact that they can be witty, humorous, or full of nonsense.   

With the month of February comes the Annual San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo.  (Feb. 9th - 26th)  Keeping that theme in mind, I'd like to pair my rodeo-inspired painting from above with some limericks of my own.  A little fiddle music please . . . here we go!

Horse with a Question 

There once was a wild horse on the range
Who considered himself a bit strange.
Although he was shy,
He always asked, "Why--
Did I mix with the mare who had mange?"

Rodeo Joe

There once was a shy cowboy named Joe
Who found fame in a Rodeo Show.
An old horse did he ride
And both took it in stride,
Till the tired horse stopped short and said, "NO!"

Texas~~The Cowboy State

Freedom on the Frontier

There once was a boy with a rage.
He cried, "I need freedom~~no cage . . . "
He ran from his girl
Whose name was ol' Pearl.
"No marriage with you will I wage!"

 Cowboy with a Question

There once was a cowboy with a question.
He inquired, "Do I have indigestion?"
The cook with the stew
Said, "No guess," for he knew~~
More pork and beans would cure his affliction. 


Last time I blogged, I included some haiku with my paintings.  I also asked you to send me some of your own.  Well, here's one from my friend and neighbor Betsy Kropp.  A trip to Paris inspired her so she sent me a photograph and a haiku.  Thanks, Betsy!

Photo & Haiku ~~ Paris Metro
by Betsy Kropp


Opening its mouth
Hoping to snag tired tourists
"Yum," says the Metro.

If you want to send me limericks, I'll be glad to include them in my next blog.  We'll start a Poetry Revolution!  Please feel free to include a photo and/or artwork too.  Thanks!

Wishing you laughter and fun!

The End!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Art and Haiku for the New Year

New Artwork and Verse for the New Year

Images from the Natural and Spirtual World

by Cindy Morawski

Last Thursday, I attended a special art exhibit at the McNay called the Orient Expressed, Japan's Influence on Western Art, 1854 - 1918.   I noticed while I was walking around and taking in the show's artwork, which continues through January 15th, that they had invited the viewers to "Tweet"  a haiku for their favorite work of art.  There was an on-going competion for the Best Twittered Verse.  Besides the lovely woodcuts, watercolors, and oil paintings, some poems expressed well the subject- matter- at- hand in the drawing or painting.  It was double the pleasure.  Art and Poetry.  What a marriage!

After returning home, I felt inspired to do the same with my recent paintings.  I wrote a haiku to match each work of art.  However, before I rush into showing you the results, let me tell you a little something about what a haiku includes. 

          Haiku or Japanese verse come usually in lines of three.  They don't have
          to rhyme, but they should be in the following syllable count within the
          lines of the poem--  5,7,5.  Often they are about nature and include imagery
          and figurative language. 

Come Together

How does it feel to

Be distanced from everyone?

Red bird on a wire.

Grackle Cackle

I heard your cackle

No text, email, or twitter

One loud grackle's cry

Sunset Song on the Wires

Gathering in song

Sun's descent into crimson

A high flock of lullabies

Blessed Assurance

Blessed assurance

Seeking a spiritual home

Simple, sacred place

Return to Garner

Silhouetted trees

Cypress lines of gracefulness

'Gainst a brilliant shore

Have you ever written a haiku before?  If not, this might make for a happy discovery.  Write about a pet, your job, a movie, anything at all . . .   Please send it to me, and I'll post it on my next blog.  (with your permission, of course)  Also, it can be accompanied with a photo or artwork if you'd like.  I'll include that as well with your permission.    (Email:  

Wishing You New Beginnings!


Mockingbird Studio
San Antonio, Texas


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brave New World of 2012

Dance of the Northern Lights
~~painting by Cindy Morawski

Brave New World

Hope and Resolve, Thinking about the New Year
 by Cindy Morawski

When looking at a brand new year, I have a choice.  I can see with or without my glasses.  I'm choosing to use my glasses.  I like the idea of looking under the hood before I buy a car.  I need to read the labels of the cans in the grocery store.  I just have to re-check the almost hidden price tag on the department store shelf.  I am a woman who wants to know.  I feel compelled to question, to discuss, to understand. 

Another journey into time.  2012.  Time does seem to go faster as I get older, but one of my resolutions this year is to slow down and be present.  To appreciate what's around me.  Moments come and go.  I hope to capture some of those moments and frame them in my mind.  Maybe, just maybe, they will rewire my brain into something that will enlighten me.  Improve me.  Hope and resolve can be like that. 

I wish you HOPE for the New Year.  I wish you the motivation and desire to make your world a better one.  I resolve to change my world.  One word, one painting, one smile, one hug, one step at a time. 



Cindy Morawski