Monday, December 2, 2013

For the Love of Trees~~Happy Holidays!!!

For the Love of TREES
Paintings and Narrative by Cindy Morawski

Two Trees near Bandera
Paul and I took an outdoor holiday with a friend last February in Bandera, Texas.  I fell in love with the bare trees along the Medina River.  We stopped for lunch and were lucky to get a window table that looked out on the tree-lined river.  The Comfort of Trees, the painting below, was inspired by that mid-day stop.  The above one, Two Trees near Bandera, was our final stop at the city park near sunset.   The horizon glowed, the shadows turned an inky purple, and the air turned chilly.  I was mesmerized.  "Hey, where'd you go?"  Paul said to me as we stood near the water.  I guess I was too happy to reply.  I was memorizing the landscape.  I wanted to keep it as a gift to myself.  I'd bring it out when I had to wait in the dentist's chair.  I'd unwrap it on a gloomy day of frustration.  I'd think of it while stuck in traffic on 410.   

The Comfort of Trees

Sometimes, it's important to stop and look up.  For me, that means literally looking up.  I look up at the sprawling Texas Live Oak in my backyard and get a mighty big show.  Squirrels chattering and racing around, birds singing and fluttering in a dance of movement, and the glorious sunlight filtering through the leaves like a church's stained glass window are all wonders to behold.   It's a mini-vacation.  Just give me five minutes on the back deck looking up, and I can wipe the slate clean, start fresh, and feel good about the world again. 
 Texas Live Oak

  Putting a tree in the spotlight gives it a starring role in the forest.  It's a soliloquy of grace and beauty. 
2013 Season's Shows and News
Fa! La! La! La!! 

  •  Kristkindlmarkt!  A traditional German outdoor market with hand-crafted gifts from the heart--Saturday, December 7th, 10 to 5, 422 Pereida St. at S. Alamo, King William District, San Antonio~~I'm participating this year with mini-paintings, art cards, art prints, art gift bags, and more.  Happy Holiday Shopping!  Free Admission.
  • Winter Art Show Opening at the Emily Morgan Hotel:  Thursday, December 19th, 6 to 8 p.m. --705 E. Houston Street near the Alamo in downtown San Antonio!  This exhibit starts this month and continues for three months.  It features local SA artists--painters and photographers.  All the work is for sale.  The show is located in the library of the hotel. 
  • Christmas Commissions available~~Pet portraits make wonderful gifts for Christmas.  I also have extra inventory this season with all types of holiday art gifts.  If you are interested, please call my studio:  210.522.0706 for an appointment.  Thanks!  ~~Cindy

Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 Holiday Tweets~~Small Bird Paintings, Bird Christmas Cards, and Bird Calendars~~Great Christmas Gifts!

Who? ? ?     the OWL series, of course . . .
~~Cindy Morawski~~

White Spotted Owl

Barn Owl Portrait

Eyes Wide Open, Short-eared Owl

Great Horned Owl

Night Out with the Barn Owl

Little Feathered Friend, Burrowing Owl

Silent as the Night, Barn Owl on the Prowl

I have the above paintings available this Holiday Season in framed originals, reproductions, art cards, and in calendars.  If you love birds or know someone who does, one of these artworks could be a great gift idea.  Please look for them this Saturday.  Read on for more details! 
Holiday Tweets . . . More Birds . . . Part II

Cardinals~~Autumn Song and Winter Cardinal

 Two Ravens~~Soul Mates

Winter Song of the Blue Jay

South African Penguin
I have an assortment of many bird paintings for the holidays.  Cardinals, jay, ravens, and more.  All of my Bird Series Paintings will be ready for the 2013 Holidays.  Tweet! 
My Bird Series, along with my latest other paintings will be on exhibit and for sale this Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 Zion Arts Festival, 10 to 4, 1604 and Braun Road.  I'll be located inside in Booth #4.  There will be free parking, breakfast and lunch served, and a variety of artists and craftsmen with Holiday Shopping Galore!  Plus, the event is also a fundraiser for our local youth as well as a venue for our local artists.  Hope you'll join me!
This Fall, if you're searching for some delicious soup and a sandwich to go with it, or you're looking for some mouth-watering bakery items, head on over to Four Kings Café, 2047 Universal City Blvd. (off Pat Booker), Universal City. (phone:  210.687.6649)  I'll also have a Solo Seasons Art Show at the Four Kings for the month of November.  Good Food and Art!  What a winning combo! 

Morawski Fine Art and Framing

Come on by and check out what's new at Mockingbird Gallery and Studio,
 8603 Waldon Hts.,
 San Antonio.
Gifts for the Holidays!!!

Need something framed?  Just give me a call.  I'll get it done quickly, and it won't hurt your pocketbook!

Call for an appointment.  210.522.0706


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 Postcards from Morawski Fine Art~~Demo Paintings

Big Sky Treasure, 16x20

Postcards from Morawski Fine Art
Demo Paintings
              Photo from 2013 Fall Home and Garden Show, Oct. 4th

One of my current roles as an artist is to work at the art galleries where my work is exhibited.  I also put in lots of time at art shows where I show and sell my artwork.  For example, during the first weekend of October, I was busy at the Alamodome in the 2013 Fall Home and Garden Show.  I had an art booth with the Texas Pastel Society.  Whether it's a gallery duty or art show, sometimes I do an art demo by creating a painting on site with a reference photo.  Big Sky Treasure, the above painting, was one that I worked on as a demo painting at the Alamodome Show.  It's fun to interact with the folks who stop by and watch.  I answer questions from my audience and explain some of my techniques. 


Color Splash in South Texas, 9x12

Another demo painting from my day at the Comfort Crockery, an art store and gallery where I exhibit my artwork.  The Crockery participated in the Hill Country Art Festival on September 21, 2013.  I found this landscape scene and inspiration near my home at a city park, OP Schnabel off Bandera Road.   The wild flowers and mesquite trees were my focus and a tribute to local color. 
Frio's Autumn Reflections, 11x14

One last postcard painting-- I painted this too as a demo at the
New Braunfels Art Gallery at the end of September.  I painted this scene using one of many reference photos I had.  I was located near the front window at the gallery when I did the demo.  This is a landscape from Garner State Park, located on the Frio River.



Monday, September 16, 2013

Night Moves---ART Urbanscapes--Energy and Colors of the BIG City

Night Moves
9x12 Painting
Sept. 2013~~Cindy Morawski

 How the Night Moves

I started humming Bob Seger's music when I began my Night Moves painting recently.  It's one of my all-time favorite Seger songs.   Bob's lyrics rhyme moves with  lose and blues--for me, it all sums up the energy and passion of city nightlife.  I love the reflecting colors of the traffic lights, automobile tail and headlights, advertising neon signs, and more.  Here's the last verse of my tribute to Seger. 
I woke last night to the sound of thunder
How far off I sat and wondered
Started humming a song from 1962
Ain't it funny how the night moves
When you just don't seem to have as much to lose
Strange how the night moves
With autumn closing in.
----------Bob Seger, Last song verse to Night Moves
This past summer, I photographed several city scenes at night.  My painting is based upon those photos.  I tried to keep my art style loose and impressionistic.  I also wanted to give voice to the excitement of all those bright colors and the energetic movements of the traffic and people. 
"With autumn closing in" (Bob Seger), I'm also aware of seasonal changes and my focus on Fall Art Shows.  You're invited to my Fall Art Show and Reception through TAG at the Emily Morgan on E. Houston Street-- this Wednesday evening on September 18th, 2013.  Here's a postcard invitation:

Another September art event that's coming up soon is the Comfort Art Walk.  It's taking place this Saturday, September 21st, all day.  I'll be doing an art demo in front of the Comfort Crockery, 402 Seventh Street, where some of my art is currently on display.  I'll also have a trunk show available with extra art cards and prints.  Artists from the  Texas Pastel Society will also be represented in front of the old theater in downtown Comfort with art demos and artwork for sale.  Hope you'll join me and the Texas Pastel Society!
"I woke last night to the sound of thunder."  (Seger)  Well, for me, I heard the happy sound of thunder today when I watched the rain coming down.  I was eating lunch at the Emily Morgan Hotel's restaurant after my downtown art installation in the hotel's library.  The wind kicked up.  The trees were leaning sideways.  The rain came pouring down.  My friend Maria and I were glad we were inside-- looking out.  Safe in a comfy restaurant booth by a large window.  Happily, with the September rains, my yard is starting to look green again.  Now, if the autumn cooler weather can blow in, San Antonio will be all set!
Hope to SEE you in SEPTEMBER!  Happy Autumn 2013!  ~~Cindy

 *PS:  Two More of my Cityscape Paintings -- a closer look at E. Houston Street in downtown San Antonio.

Left:  Sunset on E. Houston
Right:  Night on E. Houston 


Sunday, September 1, 2013

ART HARVEST---Happy Labor Day!

Apple Harvest
8x10 Pastel Painting
~~Cindy Morawski
One of my favorite stops on my August trip to Ohio was Gervasi's Vineyard.  My Cousin Nancy and her husband Dave, plus Paul and I lunched at the Bistro, an outdoor café along a beautiful lake near Akron.  We hiked around to check out the landscape, and on our way back we walked through a small orchard with fruit trees, mostly apples and pears.  I looked up at the shiny--red apples in their dark green foliage and knew I spotted perfection.  I was also reminded of Sunday childhood walks with my mother and brother through neighborhood apple orchards in our farming community in Pennsylvania.  October also wouldn't have been complete as a kid without some apple bobbing at Halloween.  I can still remember those sweet, crisp red delicious apples from Dawson's Orchards.  It was worth getting my head soaked in a cold tub of water while apple bobbing to get one of those pieces of fruit.  More good apple memories!  This Fall, I'm looking forward to visiting Medina, the apple capitol of the Texas Hill Country.  They usually celebrate their harvest with an Apple Festival, complete with all things apple--pie, ice cream, apple butter, and more.   
Need an art card for a birthday or other special event?  I have created a variety of art cards featuring my original paintings.  They cost $3.50 each, and you can save if you get 4 or more; they then only cost $2.50 each.  Each card is signed and has the artwork's title.  Of course, they come with envelopes too.  I have cards available at my home studio, or I can ship them to you.   Here's my contact email:  And, here's my website:  You can preview my paintings in my gallery link, and then decide which cards you'd like. 
FALL  ART  Shows
  • Texas Pastel Society's Art Show--Tobin Library--Sept. through Oct. 12
  • TAG Art Shows at the Hotel Valencia and the Emily Morgan Hotels, downtown San Antonio, both shows run from mid-Sept. and last for 3 months . . . wine & cheese reception at the Emily Morgan, Sept. 18th, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.  You're invited!
  • Comfort ArtWalk in Comfort, TEXAS--Saturday, Sept. 21st--I'll be at the Comfort Crockery, 402 Seventh Street, with a Demo and Trunk Show.  I also have an art exhibit in this gallery & art store. 
  • 27th Annual SA Fall Home and Garden Show--Oct. 4--6--at the Alamodome, look for my display with the Texas Pastel Society
  • Tent Art Show, at my home/ studio, 8603 Waldon Hts., SA--Oct. 12, 9 to 2--Come visit and see what's new!
  • Zion Arts Festival, November 2, 1604 and Braun Rd., 10 to 5
  • 25th Annual Wolfson House Christmas Arts & Crafts Show, 415 Broadway, SA, Nov. 18 to 22, 10 to 6.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Remembrance~~2013 Summer Paintings and More

Remembrance, a 16x20 July Pastel Painting (SOLD!)

by Cindy Morawski

2013 Summer Paintings and More

I have had a busy summer so far.  June's art roadtrip, July's art lessons, and my summer studio painting sessions have provided inspiration, perspiration, and education.  I also installed a Solo Seasons art show at the Universal City Library last week in the library's reading room.  I'm presently preparing for a mid-August art show ---  Old Town Helotes Fine Art Show, August 17 & 18, 2013, at The Gardens in Helotes, Texas.  For more details check out my postcard ad on the previous blog posting.   Above and below are some of my summer paintings that I'd like to share with you.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and view my work. 

Petals on the Water  ~~Summer Painting by Cindy Morawski~~

Yellow Wagon Wheel, a 5x7 painting inspired from one of my summer stops, Fort Davis

Desert Blooms, 8x10 painting of a century plant discovered in West Texas this past June
Driving to Albuquerque  (SOLD!)

11x14 Pastel Painting inspired from my Summer Roadtrip to New Mexico

Hope you are having a good summer!  Please feel free to contact me at my studio:  210.522.0706, by email:, or on Facebook--Cindy Morawski.  Hope too that you'll check out one or more of my summer art shows.  I have a link on my website listing them:  

I would appreciate you sharing my blogs or liking my artwork on Facebook.  My small art business is growing, and with your help, it will continue to move on up.  Thanks!                                                       ~~Cindy

August ART News~~Fine Art Show coming up mid-month

You are invited!  My juried art will be exhibited and for sale during this show.  Hope you'll join me!

August Art News

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Tweet~~Birds of Texas

Red-Winged Blackbird

Montezuma Quail

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Summer Tweet
Birds of Texas
by Cindy Morawski

Tweet!  From our moving car, I watched the birds perched on grasses and utility wires along the highway and flying across the big Texas sky.  I was mesmerized.  One of my first stops on my recent road trip--Caprock State Park in the Texas Panhandle--involved a hike and then a plein air painting session.  After a late start, I felt the hot sun beating down on me.  I decided to paint under the protection of a picnic pavilion.  An angry bird made itself known immediately.  Chirp!  Cheep!  I looked up to see tiny, fluffy heads of baby birds in a corner nest under the roof ~~trying to get Mama Bird's attention.  The swallow swooped over me and then out.  Oops!  I didn't want to disturb lunch for these little ones.  I moved on. 
Driving across the Panhandle, I couldn't help but notice the endless fields of wheat.  Some areas were being harvested by combines the size of a city block.  Nearby, I spotted the blackbirds, seed-eaters who take advantage of the fallen wheat.  After photographing them, I decided to later paint them in my studio on my return.  The red-winged blackbirds reminded me of my childhood.  I grew up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania, and I'd see them every summer near our pasture and wetlands.  I always liked their calls and bright flashes of red when they flew by. 
The Montezuma Quail is a West Texas bird,  I noticed it on our return from Albuquerque.  We drove through Van Horn, Fort Davis, and Marfa.  Lots of territory for birds of every kind!  These particular quail only weigh about 6 ounces and are the smallest quail in North America.  They really stand out though due to their white-spotted wing feathers.  I thought they were beautiful and aptly named.  Real Royalty!
My bird paintings will be on sale at an upcoming event.  The Randolph Metrocom Rotary Club Art Auction will take place on Saturday evening, July 20, 2013.  Here's the address: 
Garden Ridge Community Center, 9500 Municipal Parkway, Garden Ridge, TX.  There's more information online through the Rotarty Club's website and through Facebook.  Hope you'll join me!
Mockingbird Studio:  (210)522-0706


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beep! Beep! Spotted by a Roadrunner~~ Art Series of my Journey West

Texas Roadrunner

~~Cindy Morawski

Sometimes, I can't see the forest for the trees.  When I  recently roadtripped to Caprock Canyon State Park, in the Texas Panhandle,  I kept trying to spot those famous free-roaming buffalo.  There's a Texas herd that resides at Caprock.  I love the idea of the buffalo's triumphant return.  It always seemed like such a tragedy to me that they were practically wiped-out in the past, due to senseless overhunting.  As a kid, I remember reading about guys in the 1800's, sharp-shooting across the plains via a train ride.  Killing the buffalo just for sport.  And, with the Old West's infantry army trying desperately to round up the Plains Indians onto secured forts and reservations, wiping out the buffalo seemed one more guarantee of killing not just the buffalo, but also the spirit of a free people. 
So, I was craning my neck with camera in-hand.  I could see half a buffalo hiding behind a cedar tree.  Paul kept saying, "Hey, look through the park telescope.  You can see quite a few."  Gee, that seemed too easy.  Whew!  Meanwhile, getting back to not seeing the forest for the trees, a roadrunner almost ran into me while I was straining my eyes to see the buffalo.  I looked down.  Beep!  Beep!  The roadrunner was furtively speeding by in an attempt to get a desert lizard.  Paul came up behind me.  "Didn't you notice him trying to figure out whether or not to cross your path?" 
"No, I was too busy on the hunt for buffalo."  But, I guess, the roadrunner took pity on me.  He circled back so that I could get a photograph of him.  I thought the distant relative of the cuckoo was rather a handsome bird.  He wanted me to notice him.  I couldn't wait to start a painting!   Beep!  Beep! 
*PS:  If you'd like to take a summer art class with me, please give me a call or an email.  It could be for an hour or longer.  I can include a demo at your request.  My art classes will also include your supplies.  Here's my Studio phone number:  210.522.0706.  Email: 
*PSS:  The above painting is a 5x7 pastel portrait painting of a Texas Roadrunner.  It will include a beautiful gallery frame and glass for $75.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Discoveries on my Journey West

Cotton Candy Sky
by Cindy Morawski

Looking up.   I did that a lot on my recent road trip to West Texas and New Mexico.  I studied the big open sky through our Honda's windshield and side windows as we whizzed down the highway.  I couldn't get enough of those beautiful cloud formations, bright colors, and moving compositions.  I felt enchanted by the western landscapes and wanted to keep them firmly in my mind and heart. 
Paul and I made several stops on our journey west.  We headed north and west to the Texas Panhandle.  One of our first stops allowed us to visit the wild and roaming buffalo herd at Caprock Canyons.  We also spotted some prairie dogs along the way.  They reminded me of  jack-in-the-box toys.  Up and down.  Pop!  Goes the prairie dog!   . . . or something like that.  Next, we embraced entertainment with the outdoor musical, TEXAS, a Musical Romance of Panhandle History, at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  I thought that musical was as big as Texas.  Cowboys and Indians on horseback, pioneers dancing and singing, and spectacular fireworks all helped to dazzle the audience under the star-filled sky in the canyon. 
Moving along on I-40, we then drove the truck-heavy, super-commerce highway from Amarillo to Albuquerque--my art destination.  I attended the IAPS Convention, International Association of Pastel Societies.  I represented the Texas Pastel Society of San Antonio.  With a juried exhibition, paint-out, banquet, trade show, and lots of stimulating classes, workshops, and demos, I felt like I died and went to a pastel painter's heaven!
One of my personal highlights was doing some plein air painting at the top of the Sandia Crest.  Paul and I snaked slowly up the Sandia Mountain, outside of Albuquerque, at 15 to 20 mph.  Finally, we looked over the crest.  It was a windy day, but the view seemed spectacular.  We were two miles high.  I could see forever!  I pulled out my pastel box and supplies after finding a good spot to paint and got lost in the mountaintop landscape. 
After saying good-bye to New Mexico, we checked out some of the sights in West Texas we'd heard about from friends.  The McDonald Observatory allowed us to see UT Austin's big telescopes on Mt. Locke.  I actually was allowed to move the Harlan J. Smith Telescope from north to south with the use of a button on a box.  Members of our tour group also found out about the emergence of the Space Age and NASA's need  for a new telescope to help them with the Apollo Mission. 
Fort Davis in the Davis Mountains was our final destination.  We journeyed back to the 1800's at the National Historic Site of Fort Davis.  The fort is a modern-day instructional tool to gather insight and admiration for the brave folks who served in the past.  Paul and I toured the enlisted men's barracks, the commissary, officer's homes, and more.  I imagined how encouraging that fort must have been to weary travelers and pioneers on their way west.  It represented protection and a much needed place of rest.
My road trip vacation served me well.  I felt inspired and renewed when I returned home.  I am currently planning my next series of paintings---  a study of western landscapes and its wildlife. 
Hope you can join me this Thursday.  I have three paintings in downtown San Antonio's Historic Emily Morgan Hotel's Art Showcase Summer Show.  The TAG art group is hosting a reception on June 20, 2013, in the Library of the Emily Morgan, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.  You are welcome to join us.  The art show will run through August.  All the artwork is currently for sale.  Please support your local artists.  Thanks.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Rainy Days Don't Get Me Down, Celebrating with a Rain Painting

The RED Umbrella, 5x7 painting, Cindy Morawski


Rainy Days Don't Get Me Down

by Cindy Morawski

After I moved to Texas from the rain capitol of the world--England, I was delighted with all that sunshine.  The umbrella was not a necessary accessory when you left the house.  The Lone Star State's average yearly rainfall compared to England was hardly on the Weather Channel's radar.  I got accustomed to dry, sunny days quickly.  It gave me more outdoor time to hike, bike, and garden.  Driving was no big deal either.  I'd even forget the location of my windshield wipers "on" switch in my car.  Clear, dry streets were the equivalent of hitting the easy button for getting to and fro via my car.  It all seemed good. 
However, I've lived long enough in Texas now to have survived two big droughts. This past one over the last two years has cost the state big-time in terms of agriculture.  Cattle and crops were part of the collateral damage.  Homeowners everywhere have also turned to xeriscaping their yards.  The cost of water and dealing with water rationing felt severe.  Living in the suburbs with a large corner lot covered with trees and landscaping had been a personal challenge.  I was reminded last year of our shortages every time I turned on the news and weather report.  San Antonio's aquifer levels were dropping rapidly.  The rationing of water required one to hand water those beloved green things or you'd lose them.  Paul and I didn't want our yard to die.  We chose to do our best and try to keep most of our yard alive.  It seemed like a daily conflict.  Man vs. Nature.  Whew!
When the rain came down this month in May, I had to actually go outside to confirm it.  I woke up to the sound of thunder and the flash of lightning in the middle of the night.  I looked out the window.  Yes, that looked like wet stuff on the deck.  I then headed down the hall and out the front door.  The water was running down our street like a river.  I could hear it rushing through the rain gutters and off our home's rooftop.  I stepped off the front stoop.  I gazed upward and felt that cool rain splash on my face.  This was some serious rain.  We ended up with four inches.  A rain cell stopped right over the Northwest part of San Antonio.  Hurray!  The next morning when I hopped out of bed, I peeked out the bedroom window.  Our backyard trees were smiling in gratitude.  I could hear them slurping up that extra water.  The grass looked a zillion times greener.  Not exactly Ireland, but a vast improvement.  Three days later, it happened again.  More rain.  Not as much as the previous storm.  But, it was a soaker.  I have grown to LOVE rain.  It's on my gratitude list.  I won't ever look at the wet stuff the same again. 
I created the painting, The RED Umbrella, to help celebrate May's rainfall.  I also LOVE the way light reflects on wet pavement at night.  I took a photo of my local Bandera Road while it was raining and then took some liberties when I took it to my painting studio.  I relived the rainstorm while painting.  RAINY days and Mondays don't get me down.  Rainy days are just another reason to celebrate in San Antonio. 
Hope you'll CELEBRATE with me this Saturday, May 18th.  I'll be part of a Fine Art Show in the BoerneFest, located in downtown Boerne off the Main Plaza, from 10 to 5.  Look for my white tent and Seasons ArtWork.  Here's the link for more information.  There's a whole weekend of fun activities, starting this Friday night, May 17th.
Studio:  210.522.0706



Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Magical Mystery of Last Saturday~~A Blog about an Art Show and my Canadian Connection

Magical Mystery Tour
by Cindy Morawski
 Under the shade of a Texas Live Oak on Alamo Plaza, I placed a simple white tent.   I had painted several landscapes and animal portraits for the Randolph Art League's Fiesta Art Show which kicked off on April 19, 2013.   The tent helped me exhibit 45 paintings, plus, lots of matted prints and art cards.  I was trying to give my customers and viewers a gallery experience. 


Colorful banners, piñatas, and flowers waved in the breeze.  Viva Fiesta San Antonio!  It took me about two hours to set up my decorated tent each day.  I also had to take it down at the end of the day and pack up my car.  That took another hour to an hour and a half.  And, that didn't account for the time to set up the tent.  My husband Paul loyally helped me with the tent set up each day.  I took care of setting up my artwork and the decorations.  We both experienced the exercise regiment of setting up and taking down.  Thanks, Paul!  You deserve the behind-the scenes Fiesta medal.  However, I had opportunities to meet lots of wonderful folks from all over the world at my art show.  That made up for the strenuous lifting and toting each and every day. 


 About a week before the art show, I had received a mysterious email to myself ~~from myself.   When I opened the email, I read a  lovely letter from Cynthia Morawski, a teacher from Ottawa, Canada.  She said that she had "googled" her name one day at work in her school office, and she discovered my art website.  She was surprised about her namesake, and exclaimed that she loved my artwork.  She then found out that she was coming to San Antonio for a professional conference the weekend of April 20, 2013.  She inquired if she could meet me and see my art.  I answered the email.  I responded that I would be downtown in an art show and that I would love to meet her.  I gave her my cell phone number. 

 When we met, I noticed that she too was blonde and had blue eyes.  We were both teachers and loved art.  We shared the same name, but we shared so much more as well.  It was a full-circle moment.  I still can't believe it.  The stars and planets seemed to align to bring about this amazing day.  Cynthia also brought along her wonderful friend Linda Stein.  She was delightful.  I couldn't wait to get Paul to take a picture of all three of us together.  I couldn't stop smiling.  I felt like I had always known these women.   We exchanged contact information.  They bought some of my artwork too.  I instinctively knew that we would meet again. 

On that same day, I noticed the past and future go by me.  A VIA all-electric bus with renewable energy, one of the city's newest in a progressive fleet of San Antonio's public transportation, encountered a horse-drawn carriage on the South Alamo Plaza.  The clip-clop of the horses hooves made more noise on the pavement than that silent electric bus as they passed each other.  Going in opposite directions seemed appropriate.  Slow or fast lane?  Travel choices make life exciting!   

 The magic continued on Saturday.  I saw couples of all ages holding hands while strolling by our art tents at the show.  Eating scooped ice cream cones, carrying colorful balloons, pushing babies in strollers, walking their well-mannered dogs on leashes, and nodding hello to me as they walked by or stopped to see my art, folks of all sizes and types visited the plaza.  I met a couple from Israel, a soft-spoken student from Italy, and several friendly people from Canada, as well as visitors from all over the United States.  There were tourists galore!  But, no matter who I met during the show, I kept thinking about the magical mystery of my Canadian Connection.   I could still feel the smile on my face. 
 My next door tent neighbor ~~artist Monique Montney~~looked stunning at the show!  She wore a red beret, pants, and shoes, and a colorful smock that spelled~~CREATIVE.  Her beautiful artwork featured painted gourds and canvases.  You go, girl!

RAL Member Earl Rankin displayed his traditional Fiesta medals on a blue sash.  He had been recently photographing everyone.  He also was holding a photo album of last year's participants.  He's keeping track of our lively crew and show.  Thanks for helping us feel like we belong, Earl!

 The magical mystery tour concluded for some as they boarded the red trolley and left the plaza.  Thanks for coming to our art show this year!  It was a show I'll always remember. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Songs for Spring 2013, BIRD Paintings

New Spring Songs
by Cindy Morawski

Looking out my kitchen window, I notice the birds feeding.  One particular squirrel sits atop our big red metal feeder like a prince
surveying his kingdom.  A plague of doves float down to pick up the remains of the seeds.  They flap and beat their wings in a noisy and bossy way.  Soon, they cover the ground with their muted colors.  One sounds the alarm, when suddenly a large bird shadow flies over.   A hawk cries a warning.  He's just as hungry.  The doves fly up in a mass of feathers and panic.   

Baby in Blue


Spring's energy almost takes my breath away.  I feel like I've just awoken from a long sleep.  The live oak trees have lost their leaves and now show a green fuzzy glow about the neighborhood.  Birds seem to be everywhere I look.  The mockingbird flits back and forth to the bush outside my kitchen window above the sink.  When I'm doing the dishes, I hear a flutter and spot a quick movement.  The mockingbird is building a nest for its young.  I see other evidence of this happening in my yard.  The wrens are darting in and out of the birdhouse that I hung in one of my backyard's trees.  Their furtive patterns don't fool me for a second.  I've seen this behavior before in the springtime.  They will leave their feathered legacies.  One egg at a time.  One fledgling at a time. 

San Antonio Song (with Frame)

This spring I painted birds with color.  Baby in Blue is a metaphor for new songs and a spring awakening.  San Antonio Song  shows the Southwest bird with a mission's stucco window.  Is it looking in or looking out?  It has a song in its heart, ready for a season bright with sunshine and bright flowers. 



If you'd like to see my paintings, I'll be in my tent with my new season's artwork in Maverick Plaza, space #124, at LaVillita in downtown San Antonio, the weekend after Easter, April 6, 7, at the Starving Artist Art Show.  This will be the 51st year of the show.  It started in 1963.  It's also a Fund Raiser for the Less Fortunate and is sponsored by the Little Church of LaVillita.  It opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. each day.  There are no admission fees for the show.  Hope to see you there!


New Songs