Thursday, August 6, 2015

Daily Painting Projects~~New Summer Artwork

Moving toward Marfa, In Search of the Marfa Lights, 18x24


New Summer Artwork


Painting with Pastel.  It's the carrot that I dangle in front of me every day.  If I get the dishes and the laundry done, I get to go to my studio and paint.  If I run all my errands, when I return home, I get to draw and paint.  My challenge this past year:  Paint or create artwork every day.  I have had exceptions.  Travel and Art Shows.  Family, work or volunteer obligations of all types.  And, so on.  However, for the most part, I have met my goal.  I created artwork.  Some I managed to do in one day.  Others, took every day for a week or a month.  But, I painted.  The artwork that I'm sharing for the month of August has been created this Summer in 2015.  Inspired from my June road trip.  Portfolio of Photographs.  Home and neighborhood.  Daily Painting Projects.  Labors of Love.

West Texas Sunset, In Search of the Dragon, 5x7

Driving to West Texas and New Mexico in June with Paul inspired lots of ideas for artwork.  My photos and memories kept me going.  When I returned home, I felt feverish.  Couldn't wait to get started.  I had paintings in my head and I wanted to create them.  One of my stops was Marfa.  We searched for the Marfa Lights.  The desert landscapes beckoned.  Colorful skies.  Cactus and far-away vistas.  Birdsong.  Like traveling through a space odyssey's worm-hole, I felt adventurous and open to new places.

BIG Bend's Little Bear, 5x7 Black Bear Cub
Some folks volunteer in the community soup kitchen.  I choose to feed my neighborhood birds and wildlife.  They too need nourishment and a little help.  I also get the added pleasure of observing and sketching the birds and squirrels.  The painting below, SunCatcher, came from one of my yard birds, a lively red male cardinal.  After feasting on the sunflower seeds from my feeder, he took a break outside my kitchen window, and did some sunbathing.

SunCatcher, Cardinal ArtBird, 5x7

Bluebird Spotlight, 5x7 ArtBird

Sunflower Morning, 5x7 painting

Flowers.  How I love them.  I remember my grandmother, Frances Nesbitt, creating her own artwork.  A flower garden in the side yard.  One of the flowers that she grew were irises.  I noticed this past spring that purple irises were coming up in my neighbor's yard.  I asked if I could photograph and paint them.  He was delighted that I appreciated his flower garden.  He also told me that this iris is a new variety, Shaker's Prayer.  My flower portrait painting is now an 8x10, but when matted and framed, it will measure 11x14 when completed. 

Shaker's Prayer Iris, 8x10 Flower Portrait

Tower Fireworks, Celebrating over San Antonio, Commissioned Artwork

One of the advantages of showing my artwork in public spaces such as restaurants and cafes, is that people notice my work.  Sometimes I get commissions.  My Tower Fireworks painting was commissioned by Addison Martinez, a patron of the Candlelight Coffeehouse and Winebar Restaurant.  The Candlelight is also where over 30 of my paintings were on display for July and continue now through August.  Addison does creative writing, and he commissioned this to go with some of his writing about San Antonio.  Thanks, Addison!

August 2015~~Summer Art Show continues at the Candlelight on St. Mary's

Flower Me Florist & Gifts~~Art Display in my neighborhood shop

This summer I have been displaying my artwork at the River Art Gallery in LaVillita near San Antonio's Riverwalk, the Candlelight Coffeehouse on N. St. Mary's in SA, Flower Me Florist & Gifts in my Northwest Neighborhood, plus, outside of SA--in Castroville, Granny M's Creations, in Comfort--Comfort Crockery~~ Fine Art Gifts, and in Rockport--Yellow Rose Gallery.  Access to more info about these places is currently on my website:   Like/Friend me on Facebook.  I support two pages--Morawski Fine Art and Cindy Morawski.  Thanks!!!