Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Using Shades of Red in my February Paintings

Rio Chama
Soul Sky

Mr. Fox, Winter Traveler

Painting with Shades of Red in February

by Cindy Morawski

What's your favorite color?   I have always loved the color RED.  I remember pulling
 it from my Crayola crayon box in elementary school and using it over and over in my drawings and sketches.  It seemed to express excitement and adventure to me.  I still like to use it in my artwork.  In Rio Chama, a 16 x 20 landscape, the red soil and canyons of New Mexico depict a land of enchantment.  My 8 x 10 sunset entitled Soul Sky paints drama in the skyscape.  When you contrast it with complimentary colors such as blue or yellow, it pops and sizzles.  Mr. Fox, Winter Traveler, an 11 x 14 past work that I re-painted, puts the red fox in the spotlight against the cool winter landscape of light blues and mauve.  

Each painting is framed and ready to hang.  If you'd like more details, please see my website:  or email me at  

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love the Rodeo! Photo Essay by Cindy

Cowboy at the Exhibition Hall
Rodeo Parade
Champion  Black Angus
Working Horse

Cutting  Competition
Near the Coliseum
New Chick at the Petting Zoo

Find Me at the Petting Zoo

Swine Soccer
Sleepy Twins

Midway Food Vendor

Grooming for the Show!

Last Cowboy

 I Love the Rodeo!

Last Saturday, I went to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo to sell my artwork at the exhibition hall.  However, I had a chance to roam around during the day and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells.  It reminded me of my days of growing up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, participating in the Lawrence County Fair in 4-H, and falling in love with cowboys as a kid.  Roy Rogers was one of my heroes!

This-coming Saturday on February 18th, I'll return to the Rodeo as a vendor to sell my paintings and art cards again.  I plan on being there from 2 to 10 p.m.  Look for me in the exhibition hall across from the horse building.  I'll be in the middle aisle down from the bull riding photo booth.  I'm sharing a space with my friend and artist Irena Taylor, a wonderful portrait and landscape painter and art teacher at Coppini Academy in San Antonio.  


Limerick from Robert

*Here's a limerick sent in from my past rodeo blog that included limericks.  I invited folks to write a limerick and send it to me.  This funny one is from Robert Smith, a teacher at DLI at Lackland AFB.  Thanks Robert!!

There once was a lady from Holland,
Who had a bad habit of fallin'
She got in her car
And drove to a bar
And now she's not fallin', she's crawlin'!


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

~~With Appreciation, Love, and Friendship~~


PS:  What's one of your loves?  Please write and tell me about it.  Send pics too.  Thanks.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Greetings from Historic Gruene!

View from the Gristmill

Tall Tower of Gruene

Historic Gruene Antiques

Gruene Hall Rocks

Green in Gruene

Barn from the Past

Shaving Mugs on Display

Texas Country Rose

Soda Shop

Antique Sign outside the General Store

Cowboy Boots for Sale

Call from Childhood

Deer Memories

Cowboy with Shadows

Anna in Sepia

Vintage Photo

Old West Magazine Cover

Cypress Riverbank

Photo Essay
by Cindy Morawski

Last week I took a closer look at Historic Gruene, Texas.  Sometimes time travel can be nostalgic and magical.  Gruene seemed a combination of both to me.  My trip included an interaction with antiques, buildings, and landscapes that helped me connect with memories and view the world with a new and fanciful look at a small town in Texas. 

~~Happy Time Traveling!~~