Friday, March 18, 2016

March Comes in Like a Lion---New ArtBirds, Flowers, and Landscape Paintings

March Comes in Like a Lion

New Spring ARTWORK !

A new season.  Spring.  It's roaring in my ears with sounds of Inspiration.   I've been in my studio and working this winter with spring images in mind.  I've had lots of inspiration from trips to the coast of California, Texas, and to Ireland.   I've also been inspired by little birds and my well-loved pets, my cats as kittens.  

Bend Not Break, 6x8, Juried Painting selected by judges for the Inspire Center's April Show

I heard earlier this month that two of my paintings were accepted into Inspire's 2016 Annual Juried Art Show.  Bend Not Break and Moving Toward Marfa.  The above painting Bend Not Break was inspired by the coastline of Monterey, California.  Paul and I traveled to California for a vacation and to visit friends in December 2015.  I discovered this landscape while driving the Seventeen Mile Highway along the Monterey Bay Coast.  

Sky Watching on U.S. Route 181, 8x10 Landscape Painting near Goliad, Texas

During this month of March, I was selected as the featured artist for the Yellow Rose Gallery in Rockport, Texas.  Barbara Newell, gallery owner, gave me a reception to kick-off my art show at the end of February.  Paul and I enjoyed more time in Rockport with sun and sea.  On our way home, we stopped at Goliad's Presidio La Bahia to pay our respects to the fallen heroes from the Texas Revolution.  While on U. S. Route 181, I was skywatching.  The clouds were gathering for a later rainstorm.  This resulted in a studio painting after my return home.  

Lullabies, 5x7 ArtBird Portrait Painting of a little Chickadee

Chickadee Series.  One of my favorite little birds.  Here's a new one with spring colors and entitled, Lullabies.  I like this bird's cheerful and lively presence in my yard.  It always lifts my spirits when I spot one on the feeder or on the oak tree outside the kitchen.  

Spring Morning with Mother Robin , 5x7 ArtBird Portrait Painting of my Favorite Spring Bird, the Robin

As a child growing up in Pennsylvania, I associated the robin with the coming of spring.  Tired of snow and mud by March, I was ready for Spring.  When I spotted my first robin who had migrated back north, I knew that Spring had finally arrived.  I remembered doing a report on this bird in elementary school because I loved what this bird represented.  I also liked the mother robin's blue nest eggs.  It's still one of my favorite colors of blue. 

Flying into the Sunset, 8x10 landscape painting of Rockport, Texas

One of the glories of water and sky for me is a colorful sunset.  And, of course, add a bird flying into the landscape, and it's complete.  I experienced this beautiful sunset in Rockport during my last visit at the end of February.  

Poppy Morning, 8x10 floral painting inspired by the poppies of Castroville, Texas

The poppies are starting to bloom again in Castroville, Texas.  Their red spring blooms liven up this charming and historic Alsatian town southwest of San Antonio.  This is my latest poppy painting from my Castroville Series.  I created it as a demo painting when I was in Rockport on February 26th.  I started with a sketch and watercolor underpainting and then layered on the soft pastels.  

Sailing along the Irish Coast, 8x10 landscape painting of Ireland

This week I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with demo paintings of Irish Landscapes.  I painted the above painting at BesArte in LaVillita which is one of my newest stores that display and sell my artwork in downtown San Antonio.  I had traveled to Belfast, Ireland with my American cousins awhile ago to meet my Irish cousins and to travel across the countryside.  This was one of our stops.  I enjoyed watching the colorful sailboats along the pretty coastline.  The fog was lifting and I could view the distant hills. It was a true Irish Blessing.  

Snuggles, 5x7 cat portrait painting

My cats are elderly now.  One is deaf and the other has been diagnosed with renal failure.  They have brought me great joy for the past 18 years.  This painting is a tribute to them in their younger years.  They would nap together in the guest room on a favorite blanket.  They looked so happy and content.  I remember their loud purring and happy little faces.  They reminded me of Little Buddhas.  

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