Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer 2016~~July's Travels Inspire Artwork

Harmony, 11x14 floral pastel painting

Summer Blooms!  I found inspiration from a recent trip to Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Coneflowers and daisies stood alert and lovely in the Old Economy Village's garden.  My cousins and I toured the Living History setting as part of my family's 90th Reunion event-- during the second weekend of July.  I called this first painting Harmony after the Harmony Society who started Old Economy's religious and financial community in the 1800's.  This historic preservation site is located in Ambridge, PA.  

Daisy Duo, 8x10 floral pastel painting


Texas Night Strut, 8x10 rooster portrait painting

One of my latest ArtBirds is a colorful rooster.  I have painted roosters before, but not one like this.  Most of my roosters have been leghorns.  I liked this rooster's confidence and his variety of colors.  He's ready for a fun and festive night out!  

Morning with Amish Horses, 

12x6 farm animal portrait painting

Paul and I headed to Walnut Creek, Amish Country in Ohio, after the family reunion.  We toured the Yoder Farm and had a delightful day getting more insight about the plain and simple ways of the Amish.  I especially enjoyed meeting their farm animals and visiting the Amish School.  I had a chance to talk with the teacher and even look at the students' textbooks.  One of their classes is German, although they speak English during the school day.  We also sampled some homemade Amish cookies from the kitchen tour of their home.  I liked the iced molasses ones best.  

Naomi's Wash Day, 8x10 landscape painting with figure


  • Summer Art Show:  Great Harvest Bread Co., 2267 NW Military Drive in Castle Hills--July & August
  • Demo & Reception at Great Harvest---Saturday, August 13, 2016, 9 to Noon, plus Trunk Show with extra artwork
  • ArtBird Painting Workshop in Comfort, Texas--Saturday, July 30, 2016 . . .  check my website for more details . . .  There are a few more spots open.  Registration continues through July 28th.
  • Comfort Arts Festival~~I'll be doing a morning Art Demo at the Comfort Crockery on Seventh Street on Saturday, September 17th.  I have a special art display at the Comfort Crockery of Fine Arts --July, August, and September-- featuring my Bird Portrait Paintings.  They are on display and for sale.  
  • KIDZ Art Classes~~I have two spots open for children 5 and up for my Summer Friday afternoon art classes, 2 to 3 p.m.  Please call or email if you are interested.  Studio:  210.522.0706 /  email:  
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

JUNE 2016 Is Busting Out All Over! Taking Summer Flight with ArtBirds, a Butterfly, and Landscapes

Sunset and Rain on London Hts., 8x10 Landscape Painting

Rain, rain go away!  That's heretical thinking in Texas.  We have had such terrible droughts in the past years that we are programmed to think that rain is ALWAYS a good thing.  Well, recently we had too much rain.  Lots of Spring flooding, deaths, and damage in Texas.  I was carrying my umbrella around for what seemed like weeks.  One night between rainstorms, I took a walk with my dog Rusty and witnessed a beautiful sunset in my neighborhood.  The rainy sunset had created a wet and colorful canvas on the street of London Heights.  The light on the tops of the oak trees also transformed them into a magical sight.  I was inspired to paint!  

Garden Bluebird, 5x7 ArtBird Painting

Bluebird of Happiness.  That's how I feel when I see these little birds.  Happy!  I have painted bluebirds twice before; and, they continue to inspire me.  Plus, place them in a garden setting, and you have a lovely sight.  Tweet!  

Monarch Visits with Coneflowers, 5x7 ArtBird Painting

The journey and story of the Monarch Butterfly inspires me in my Artwork.  The butterfly's fragile beauty and success contrasts with thousands of obstacles placed in its pathway during migration.   Yet, it survives and continues to cast its wonder and loveliness in gardens across America.  Long Live the Monarch!  

Little Garden Visitor, 5x7 ArtBird Painting

Wrens in the garden have a special place in my heart.  Their curious and lively manners make them seem like large personalities, even though they are small birds in size.   Soft seasonal colors dominate the background in this painting.  I enjoyed painting this little garden bird in my 2016 Garden Series.  

Grassland Greeting, 8x10 Landscape Painting

Road trips offer me lots of adventure and inspiration in Art.  I viewed and painted this landscape while traveling through West Texas.  Paul and I had started out early so we witnessed the sunrise of a new day.  I placed the golden grasses strongly in the foreground as a partner in overlooking the early morning's sun-- peeking out above the horizon.  Our morning started out overcast, but ended with a clear and sunny afternoon for a continued drive on the highway of possibilities.  

Summer ART News:
 I'm offering a Summer Kidz Art Camp in July/August.  More info is on my website and Facebook.  On July 30th, I'm also having a one day Workshop in Drawing & Painting--ARTBIRDS.  Again, please check out my website for more details or email me with questions.  Email:  cski02@sbcglobal.  Website:  ---Thanks, Cindy!


Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Brings Spring Flowers! New Season's Artwork

May Brings Spring Flowers! 

White Blossoms of Ewing Park, 5x7 floral painting

Near the end of April, Paul and I headed north to visit my family and friends in Western Pennsylvania.   One of our stops included a favorite, Ewing Park in Ellwood City.  Along the main road into the park, blossoming trees and shrubs greeted us.  What a lovely springtime HELLO!   I especially gathered inspiration from the white blossoms near the trailhead of the park.  Painting this floral artwork reminded me again of the natural beauty that surrounds us.  This painting is currently on display and for sale at the Bijou Cinema and Bistro in San Antonio with the Texas Pastel Society's Members Art Show for May 2016.  

Tulip Blooms in Glass, 5x7 floral still life painting

Tulips have always been one of my favorite spring flowers.  I remember traveling to Holland and visiting endless fields of blooming tulips when I lived and worked in Europe.   Dutch tulips are breathtaking and inspiring.  Earlier this month, I bought some purple and white tulip blooms to enjoy and paint as a still life.  I listened to classical music and painted this artwork in my kitchen.  I placed the flowers in one of my glass vases to showcase and appreciate them as well.   My painting will be available and on display this Saturday, May 14, 2016, 10 to 4, at the Boerne Art Waddle.  I'll have this season's artwork in my white tent on the Cibolo Creek, 401 Brackenridge, Boerne, on the lovely property of Nancy White, our hostess.  Hope you'll join me!

White Orchids in Orange Pot, 12x6 floral still life

In February, I received a pot of white orchids as a gift.  I love flowers so these flowers were very special to me.   I worked hard to keep them alive and healthy.  Lots of attention by way of water and fertilizer,  just the right amount of sunlight, and so on.  I drew inspiration from my gift so I decided to paint a still life.  This is the first time I have painted in this size.  12 x 6.  I thought a tall and narrow composition would help accent the height of the flowers in the pot.  I also found a perfect gold gallery frame at Harold's Framing, one of my favorite San Antonio frame shops on Roosevelt Avenue.   

King of Sunshine and Shadows, Grayling on the Back Deck, cat portrait painting

Grayling, a feral cat, mysteriously arrived  in the middle of the night.  He's been with us now for over a year.  Trust and love have won him over.  He's part of our furry family and prefers to sit in the sunlight on our back deck.  Our backyard has lots of tall trees.  I liked the image of the tree shadows on his back.   I decided to paint his portrait where he feels most comfortable--the railing on our deck.  I placed a thick, colorful rug in the spot he likes.  He's claimed it for himself.  He's the King of Waldon Heights!  

Little Beaver Creek in April, 5x7 landscape painting of Enon Valley, PA

Strong childhood memories were evoked with this landscape.  I re-visited this setting, my childhood farm, last month while traveling in Pennslyvania.  The Little Beaver Creek on our dairy farm was the scene of swimming, fishing, and hiking for my brother and me, plus, our many cousins while growing up.   Paul, Mom, and I drove to the farm in April.  The township's game commission had recently stocked the creek with trout.  There were fishermen nearby enjoying the sunny spring day.  I stopped our rental car near the Gilmore Bridge, named after Gilmore Road and my great grandparents on my mother's side of the family, James and Louise Gilmore.   I enjoyed painting this landscape.  The Little Beaver Creek continues to bring good memories of playing along and in the water and also re-connecting with nature.  

 Hope you'll also consider joining me for my Memorial Day art event--the Kerrville Festival of the Arts, a juried art show on May 28, 29, 10 to 6, in the historic downtown of  Kerrville, Texas.  If you need more info on my art shows, please check out the link on my website:   

Friday, March 18, 2016

March Comes in Like a Lion---New ArtBirds, Flowers, and Landscape Paintings

March Comes in Like a Lion

New Spring ARTWORK !

A new season.  Spring.  It's roaring in my ears with sounds of Inspiration.   I've been in my studio and working this winter with spring images in mind.  I've had lots of inspiration from trips to the coast of California, Texas, and to Ireland.   I've also been inspired by little birds and my well-loved pets, my cats as kittens.  

Bend Not Break, 6x8, Juried Painting selected by judges for the Inspire Center's April Show

I heard earlier this month that two of my paintings were accepted into Inspire's 2016 Annual Juried Art Show.  Bend Not Break and Moving Toward Marfa.  The above painting Bend Not Break was inspired by the coastline of Monterey, California.  Paul and I traveled to California for a vacation and to visit friends in December 2015.  I discovered this landscape while driving the Seventeen Mile Highway along the Monterey Bay Coast.  

Sky Watching on U.S. Route 181, 8x10 Landscape Painting near Goliad, Texas

During this month of March, I was selected as the featured artist for the Yellow Rose Gallery in Rockport, Texas.  Barbara Newell, gallery owner, gave me a reception to kick-off my art show at the end of February.  Paul and I enjoyed more time in Rockport with sun and sea.  On our way home, we stopped at Goliad's Presidio La Bahia to pay our respects to the fallen heroes from the Texas Revolution.  While on U. S. Route 181, I was skywatching.  The clouds were gathering for a later rainstorm.  This resulted in a studio painting after my return home.  

Lullabies, 5x7 ArtBird Portrait Painting of a little Chickadee

Chickadee Series.  One of my favorite little birds.  Here's a new one with spring colors and entitled, Lullabies.  I like this bird's cheerful and lively presence in my yard.  It always lifts my spirits when I spot one on the feeder or on the oak tree outside the kitchen.  

Spring Morning with Mother Robin , 5x7 ArtBird Portrait Painting of my Favorite Spring Bird, the Robin

As a child growing up in Pennsylvania, I associated the robin with the coming of spring.  Tired of snow and mud by March, I was ready for Spring.  When I spotted my first robin who had migrated back north, I knew that Spring had finally arrived.  I remembered doing a report on this bird in elementary school because I loved what this bird represented.  I also liked the mother robin's blue nest eggs.  It's still one of my favorite colors of blue. 

Flying into the Sunset, 8x10 landscape painting of Rockport, Texas

One of the glories of water and sky for me is a colorful sunset.  And, of course, add a bird flying into the landscape, and it's complete.  I experienced this beautiful sunset in Rockport during my last visit at the end of February.  

Poppy Morning, 8x10 floral painting inspired by the poppies of Castroville, Texas

The poppies are starting to bloom again in Castroville, Texas.  Their red spring blooms liven up this charming and historic Alsatian town southwest of San Antonio.  This is my latest poppy painting from my Castroville Series.  I created it as a demo painting when I was in Rockport on February 26th.  I started with a sketch and watercolor underpainting and then layered on the soft pastels.  

Sailing along the Irish Coast, 8x10 landscape painting of Ireland

This week I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with demo paintings of Irish Landscapes.  I painted the above painting at BesArte in LaVillita which is one of my newest stores that display and sell my artwork in downtown San Antonio.  I had traveled to Belfast, Ireland with my American cousins awhile ago to meet my Irish cousins and to travel across the countryside.  This was one of our stops.  I enjoyed watching the colorful sailboats along the pretty coastline.  The fog was lifting and I could view the distant hills. It was a true Irish Blessing.  

Snuggles, 5x7 cat portrait painting

My cats are elderly now.  One is deaf and the other has been diagnosed with renal failure.  They have brought me great joy for the past 18 years.  This painting is a tribute to them in their younger years.  They would nap together in the guest room on a favorite blanket.  They looked so happy and content.  I remember their loud purring and happy little faces.  They reminded me of Little Buddhas.  

Cindy Morawski
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