Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Wonder~~2015 Winter Paintings

Winter Wonder:

Art Inspiration from Nature!


Paul and I just recently returned from a Holiday trip and vacation to California.  As an artist, of course, I was looking for inspiration.  It didn't take long to find it in the Monterey Bay area where we vacationed, and in and near Riverside, outside of Los Angeles, where we visited friends Kevin and Luis.  Kevin is one of my art collectors and a dear friend. 
The above photo is a Kodak Moment of me on one of the mountain view look-outs at Mount San Jacinto, elevation 8500'.  Paul and I hiked on the Nature Trail; it was like walking in a Winter Wonderland.  Snowy trails and tall pines--beautiful!  Kevin and Luis took us to Palm Springs, and it was their idea to ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.  What an adventure!  Thanks, guys!

Winter Mountain Hiker, 5x7 landscape painting with figure
(Inspired by Mount San Jacinto State Park in California)


Christmas Card Paintings~~I used these two winter paintings this season to create some of my art cards.  I used prints from the originals to make my cards.  

Winter Pair, 8x10 landscape painting
(Inspired by Pennsylvania's Ewing Park in Ellwood City)
Winter Cabin, 5x7 landscape painting
(Inspired by a past trip to Colorado)

                                   Cardinal with Red Currants, 5x7 ArtBird Portrait Painting
                                 (Inspired by a backyard cardinal in my yard)


 On the first Saturday of December, I participated in a fine arts show that I hope will continue in the future--Art on Broadway in San Antonio.  Highlights included visiting with my friend and high school classmate from South Carolina --Brenda-- and seeing my friend and art patron --John -- who bought my 12x36 landscape entitled, Last Light at Bergheim.  Thanks, Brenda and John!  You made my art show memorable!   

Lastly, I'm starting off 2016 with a SOLO Art Show for the month of January at the Bijou Cinema Bistro-- at Wonderland of the Americas-- on 4522 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio.  I'll have a large variety of artwork that will mostly represent my more recent work this past year.  I hope you'll enjoy a movie and some shopping at the Bijou for the New Year!
Wishing you peace and joy this season as well as throughout the year!
Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Vintage Fall~~Looking at Autumn with New Artwork

 2015 October Art News~~Vintage Fall

September in Punderson, 16x20 autumn landscape painting

Last month in September, Paul and I visited my family and friends in Pennsylvania and Ohio.   One stop we made was to visit my Cousin Nancy and her husband Dave in Stow, Ohio.  They took us on a tour of the local countryside to see a large park and arboretum, and  then we stopped at Punderson Manor, an Ohio State Park Lodge, in Newbury.  We ended a delightful autumn day with dinner at the Welshfield Inn in Burton.  My squash casserole dish tasted like home and childhood.   

Punderson's grounds inspired one huge Kodak Moment.  We all snapped and squinted to get the perfect shot.  I knew this was a landscape that I wanted to paint after I returned to San Antonio.  The grasses, lake, and distant trees of Punderson all added to the landscape's loveliness. 

Autumn Arrangement, 5x7 still life painting

Delft Pitcher with Fall Leaves, 5x7 still life painting
Fall is my favorite season.  I like to decorate our home and doorway with autumn wreaths, pumpkins, and arrangements.  Autumn reminds me of chilly hayrides, cold cider, and apple picking days from childhood in Pennsylvania.  I remember Halloween parties growing up.  I loved dressing up like a pirate.  I was a big Pittsburgh Pirates fan.  I grew up with Roberto Clemente--my Hero!    

Two October still life arrangement paintings are included.  Autumn Arrangement  was placed in one of my favorite hand-painted large cups, and Delft Pitcher with Fall Leaves involved a Delft souvenir from a trip to Amsterdam.  The Fall leaves finalized my subject and composition.

Roseate Spoonbill of Mitchell Lake, 8x10 artbird portrait painting of MLAC

Earlier this month, I traveled to Mitchell Lake Audubon Center, a 1200 acre bird paradise, with my friends-- the DayTrippers.  We took a two hour tour with Brittany and discovered all kinds of local and migratory birds.  One huge surprise was sighting a small group of spoonbills perched in a distant tree by the lake.  They were hanging out with a large flock of white pelicans.  This bird seems exotic to me.  I tried to capture that feeling in my artwork.  The roseate spoonbill reminds me of flamingos with their bright pink colors and long legs. Their bills act just like spoons.  They spoon their food down the hatch with their large spoon-like bills.  Yum!

Sunset with a Tree, 11x14 Fall landscape painting

Besides painting birds, I find trees in a landscape a repeated subject matter in my studio.  In this painting, I started out by using an underpainting with NuPastels, a warm palette of reds, oranges, and golds, followed by a sketch, and then a layering of Terry Ludwig soft pastels to create an impressionistic scene.  I also used a foggy, sunlit sunset with a lone tree, embraced by soft-rounded hills.  Surrounding myself with autumn colors and a favorite landscape, I enjoyed painting this artwork in my studio. 

Sky's Promise, 5x7 sunset landscape painting

The promise of a sky's sunset is something motivating to me on a road trip through the Southwest.  I felt like I'd hit the lottery with this one!  Paul and I had several adventures along the way last June on our two week trip away from home.  This particular sunset dropped me in my tracks.  A real show-stopper!  I loved the contrasting colors.  I photographed it first, then later sketched it.  My painting came recently, one of several sunset landscapes that I have enjoyed painting this past year.  

If you are interested in a 2016 art calendar, I'm working on three new ones for the Holiday Season.  ArtBirds, Destination~~Landscapes, and Vintage Nature. They will be ready in November for some early holiday shopping.  I will also have art cards available for Christmas.  Please let me know if you'd like to place an order.  (cski02@sbcglobal.net or studio: 210.522.0706)

I have a busy Fall Art Show schedule.  My next show is a juried fine art one in Spicewood, Texas, outside Austin, November 7 and 8.  For more info, please check out my website's link--art shows and galleries.  Thanks!                       www.CindyMorawski.com


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Daily Painting Projects~~New Summer Artwork

Moving toward Marfa, In Search of the Marfa Lights, 18x24


New Summer Artwork


Painting with Pastel.  It's the carrot that I dangle in front of me every day.  If I get the dishes and the laundry done, I get to go to my studio and paint.  If I run all my errands, when I return home, I get to draw and paint.  My challenge this past year:  Paint or create artwork every day.  I have had exceptions.  Travel and Art Shows.  Family, work or volunteer obligations of all types.  And, so on.  However, for the most part, I have met my goal.  I created artwork.  Some I managed to do in one day.  Others, took every day for a week or a month.  But, I painted.  The artwork that I'm sharing for the month of August has been created this Summer in 2015.  Inspired from my June road trip.  Portfolio of Photographs.  Home and neighborhood.  Daily Painting Projects.  Labors of Love.

West Texas Sunset, In Search of the Dragon, 5x7

Driving to West Texas and New Mexico in June with Paul inspired lots of ideas for artwork.  My photos and memories kept me going.  When I returned home, I felt feverish.  Couldn't wait to get started.  I had paintings in my head and I wanted to create them.  One of my stops was Marfa.  We searched for the Marfa Lights.  The desert landscapes beckoned.  Colorful skies.  Cactus and far-away vistas.  Birdsong.  Like traveling through a space odyssey's worm-hole, I felt adventurous and open to new places.

BIG Bend's Little Bear, 5x7 Black Bear Cub
Some folks volunteer in the community soup kitchen.  I choose to feed my neighborhood birds and wildlife.  They too need nourishment and a little help.  I also get the added pleasure of observing and sketching the birds and squirrels.  The painting below, SunCatcher, came from one of my yard birds, a lively red male cardinal.  After feasting on the sunflower seeds from my feeder, he took a break outside my kitchen window, and did some sunbathing.

SunCatcher, Cardinal ArtBird, 5x7

Bluebird Spotlight, 5x7 ArtBird

Sunflower Morning, 5x7 painting

Flowers.  How I love them.  I remember my grandmother, Frances Nesbitt, creating her own artwork.  A flower garden in the side yard.  One of the flowers that she grew were irises.  I noticed this past spring that purple irises were coming up in my neighbor's yard.  I asked if I could photograph and paint them.  He was delighted that I appreciated his flower garden.  He also told me that this iris is a new variety, Shaker's Prayer.  My flower portrait painting is now an 8x10, but when matted and framed, it will measure 11x14 when completed. 

Shaker's Prayer Iris, 8x10 Flower Portrait

Tower Fireworks, Celebrating over San Antonio, Commissioned Artwork

One of the advantages of showing my artwork in public spaces such as restaurants and cafes, is that people notice my work.  Sometimes I get commissions.  My Tower Fireworks painting was commissioned by Addison Martinez, a patron of the Candlelight Coffeehouse and Winebar Restaurant.  The Candlelight is also where over 30 of my paintings were on display for July and continue now through August.  Addison does creative writing, and he commissioned this to go with some of his writing about San Antonio.  Thanks, Addison!

August 2015~~Summer Art Show continues at the Candlelight on St. Mary's

Flower Me Florist & Gifts~~Art Display in my neighborhood shop

This summer I have been displaying my artwork at the River Art Gallery in LaVillita near San Antonio's Riverwalk, the Candlelight Coffeehouse on N. St. Mary's in SA, Flower Me Florist & Gifts in my Northwest Neighborhood, plus, outside of SA--in Castroville, Granny M's Creations, in Comfort--Comfort Crockery~~ Fine Art Gifts, and in Rockport--Yellow Rose Gallery.  Access to more info about these places is currently on my website:  www.cindymorawski.com.   Like/Friend me on Facebook.  I support two pages--Morawski Fine Art and Cindy Morawski.  Thanks!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer ART Road Trip to Fun and Inspiration

~~JUNE 2015~~

Hot-blooded Desert, 8x10 Landscape Painting, scene near Las Cruces, NM

Paul and I left on June 2nd, my birthday, and headed West on a Road Trip Adventure.  Our first stop was Van Horne, Texas.  We stayed at the historic El Capitan, built in 1930, and enjoyed its welcoming ambience along with a fine dinner.  We also celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary, a little early, since it's not till the 23rd. 

Desert Colors, 8x10 Landscape Painting

When I see the desert, I view a landscape with bold colors and shapes.  The details and colors of the century plants and cactus in the foreground, paired with the simple shapes and receding palette of the mountains in the background, gave me helpful contrasts for my composition.  I also added a moody sky with the threat of a summer storm.  On our drive from Van Horne, Texas, to Las Cruces, New Mexico, I saw lots of scenes similar to the one above that I painted.  


Sky Watching over Albuquerque,  11x14 Landscape Painting

One of the reasons that I wanted to travel to Albuquerque was so that I could attend the IAPS Convention, International Association of Pastel Societies.  I had looked forward to the workshops, trade show, demos, juried art exhibit, and more.  Paul and I stayed at the Blue Hotel on the sixth floor.  I saw lots of sunsets from our balcony.  The sky was preparing for a beautiful sunset when I painted this landscape.  I liked the multi-colored rooftops of the city and of course, the lovely and soft sky colors of the Southwest.  

Pink Flamingo at the Route 66 Diner

Night at the Route 66 Diner, 16x20 painting of Albuquerque
SOLD to Susan Noonan, July 1, 2015

Paul and I love diners.  In fact, we have a booth and jukebox in our kitchen so that we have our own diner at home.  We had stopped at the Route 66 Diner the last time we traveled to Albuquerque, so we wanted to treat ourselves to another stop on this trip.  This diner also had that '50's vibe that lets you time travel and eat comfort food too.  All Good!  When we pulled up that night for dinner, there was a classic pick-up truck parked by itself.  The bright neon lights of the diner bathed the truck in its colorful light.  The image stuck in my mind.  I knew this was a painting before I headed in to be seated inside.  


Early Evening in Old Towne, 18x24 Landscape Painting with Architecture

Old Towne Albuquerque had a Fiesta Festival the weekend we stayed there.  We looked out from the balcony of one of our favorite art galleries to the square and its sights and sounds.  The smell of tacos, the laughter of children playing games, and the sound of a local band playing their lively music made us smile.  Across from the festival, a grouping of beautiful buildings caught my eye.  I loved the Spanish architecture.  I also couldn't help but notice the approaching navy and turquoise night sky, and the nearby glowing cloud that hung over us like a welcoming friend.  That memorable night inspired this painting, Early Evening in Old Towne. 

BIG Bend's Scott's Oriole, 5x7 ovals
Tufted Flycatcher of BIG Bend

Chisos Mountains of BIG Bend,
9x12 plein air painting near the Chisos Mountain Lodge

Big Bend National Park in West Texas was our last stop on our road trip as we made our way home to San Antonio.  We stayed at the Chisos Mountain Lodge, hiked some of the trails, and I painted plein air while visiting.  The park's recent rains gave it a lively look of wildflowers and cactus blooms along with a green haze that it hadn't had in the recent past-- due to the severe drought across Texas.  I loved the mountain landscapes there.  The sunsets were also amazing.  I am looking forward to painting some of those in the future from the many photo references I have.  I also did some birding while there.  I found some of the birds on my checklist and photographed them.  One night while at the lodge's restaurant, I kept hearing a tapping sound behind me.  I looked around and noticed a black, white, and yellow bird tapping on the window.  Its mate was watching nearby.  Amy, our waitress, informed us that it was a flashy male called Scott's Oriole.  He loved looking at his reflection in the glass and brought his mate along so she could admire him as well.  The second bird -- the Tufted Flycatcher-- was one I discovered on a nearby tree off the patio of the lodge.  There were lots of insects at Big Bend due to the recent rains so I guess the flycatcher had lots to eat.  I was attracted to its tufted headdress and soft-looking feathers. 
I hope you'll check out my SOLO Summer Art Show coming up.  It's located at the Candlelight Cafe and Coffeehouse at 3011 N. St. Mary's in San Antonio.  My artwork will be on display and for sale~~ July and August. 
Lastly, I have good news to share.  I have been invited to join a new gallery in Rockport, Texas, the Yellow Rose, 209 S. Austin St.  It's owned by Barbara Newell.  The gallery opened today and the ribbon cutting ceremony was last night.  I'm excited about this beautiful Fine Art Gallery -- as one of the places I can share my artwork with others.  Thanks, Barbara!
Happy Summer!

Friday, May 8, 2015

LIVING COLOR~~America's Southwest~~My Panoramic-- 12 x 36 --Landscape Paintings

Borderland Sunset, 12x36

I pulled off the highway when I witnessed this sunset while on a Southwest road trip.  The sky's colors were extraordinary.  I stared.  I took it all in.  Then, I pulled out my camera and got the evidence.  I knew this later had to become a painting.  Sunsets give me goose bumps and challenge me to interpret the moments in time with colors and shapes. 
This painting has been sold to my friend and art patron John last Fall.  I currently have limited prints of the painting available.  I also have it in art cards.  
Road to New Mexico, 12x36

Another road trip to New Mexico inspired this painting.  Driving to Albuquerque on Interstate 40, I headed into a summer storm.  I was hit by hail and blinding rain.  I worried that I might also get hit by a big truck since no one had any visibility that day.  When I finally drove to the other side of the storm and it ended, I felt relieved and grateful.  This event was permanently sketched into my memory.  The painting followed in my studio after I returned home. 
I'll have this artwork on display this Saturday, May 9, 2015, at the Boerne ART Waddle.  Here's a flyer with more information about it. 

Primal Sunset, 12x36

Red skies can stop me in my tracks.  Combine that with a silhouette of desert formations and you definitely have my attention.  I tried to show through this painting~~the power and simplicity of nature's end of the day--show.  I celebrated nature with my painting~~Primal Sunset, another panoramic landscape.  This painting will also be on display at the Boerne ART Waddle.   


Reaching Skyward, 12x36

Sipping coffee one morning this past winter, while looking out the kitchen window into my side yard, I had a head-smacking moment.  Why had I not noticed this lovely tree before?  I had hiked all over the place looking for trees to paint.  Meanwhile, there was one~~ right under my nose.  In my yard at home.   AHA!  The light lit up in my brain.  I picked up my sketchbook and got started.  Later, while reaching for my art supplies, I also reached skyward with this tall tree's portrait, 12x36.  You can find this painting at the Texas Pastel Society's Art Show at the Bijou Cinema during the month of May.  It's also joined by three of my bird paintings. 

I also want to invite you to my last show before I take a summer break in June--Kerrville's 2015 Festival of the ARTS, May 23 & 24, all day, downtown Kerrville.  This is a juried art show, and I'll be located in a large white tent with other artists.  Kerrville's taking it to the streets.  This show will stop traffic.  Part of the city will be blocked off for the art festival.  I participated last year and look forward to it again this year.  More information is available through the Kerrville Festival website and also on Facebook. 
FINAL NOTE:  Feel free to make an appointment to visit me at my home gallery and art studio.  210.522.0706.  I have paintings available in my home gallery and accept commissions as well.  Contact me through the following email address too:  cski02@sbcglobal.net.  Lastly, you can check out my work anytime on my website:  www.CindyMorawski.com.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SPRING has SPRUNG . . . New Artwork for March 2015!


Spring showers bring more flowers . . .

Sunshine and Daisies, 5x7 landscape painting with a field of flowers

Dandelion Portrait, 8x10 flower painting in a gold oval frame


 New ART Birds for Spring 2015!


New Growth, Young Mockingbird, 5x7 bird painting

Little Bluebird, 5x7 bird portrait in a pewter oval frame


Winged and Human Portraits

Breakfast with a Monarch, 8x10 portrait painting of a butterfly

Sister Grimm, Searching for San Antonio's Past, 18x24 portrait painting

In early November, it was unusually cold.  In fact, it was almost freezing when I took part in a Ghost Tour in downtown San Antonio with Paul and my DayTripper friends.  Sister Grimm was waiting for us in her Victorian dress and accessories.  She was prepared to give us some goosebumps with her ghostly tales of San Antonio's past.  I figured I might get a double case of them.  From the cold and the scary stories of Sister Grimm, I had an above-average chance of getting lots of goosebumps.
Before we started, she asked if we had any questions.  "Are you going to be warm enough tonight?"  I asked her.  I had bought a new winter coat to withstand the cold.  She replied, "Oh, my goodness, yes.  I have my sweatsuit on under this dress."  Then, she cleared her throat and had a far-away look in her eye.  We were going to do some time-traveling.  Our first stop was the old and haunted Menger Hotel by Alamo Plaza. 
Our last stop for our tour through SA's historical and scary past took us to the San Fernando Cathedral on Main Plaza.  She motioned for us to follow her.  The group bunched up and then proceeded.  We ended up behind the old church.  Looking toward the doorway, she told us her final story.  Then, she looked up.  It looked as though she'd seen a ghost.  A distant light flooded down on her.  Her face glowed in the semi-darkness.  I looked around at the others.  Everyone was quiet.  I wanted to remember this moment.  I snapped a quick photo.  Three months later, I started on her portrait.  I kept thinking about all her stories while working in my studio.  She left an impression on me. 


Bakery ART Show--Great Harvest Bread Co.-- at 2267 NW Military Drive in Castle Hills, North Central San Antonio

  • 15 paintings on display and for sale for the month of March
  • Art Demo and Reception with refreshments--Friday, March 27th,  9:00 a.m. till Noon 
  • Spring and Easter Art Cards and Art Matted Prints will be available and for sale

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Morning, Noon, and Night . . . Landscape Paintings with Cows, Canyons, and Cars

Hill Country Morning

Morning:  Nothing like a beautiful morning sunrise in the Texas Hill Country, especially if it's near the water.  This painting started with a charcoal sketch.  The next step included a watercolor wash as an underpainting.  The last part of the process ended with the layering of pastels.  It's presently on display and for sale at the River Art Gallery at downtown San Antonio's historic LaVillita Village. 


The Three Sisters


Afternoon:  This painting's landscape was inspired by the Luckemeyer Ranch outside Salado, Texas.  The ranch and cattle belong to Karen and James Luckemeyer.  I met their Black Angus cattle, the three sisters, on one fine November Day before Thanksgiving.  The cattle were backlit by the sun going down in the late afternoon.  The girls were as curious about me as I was of them.  My painting is now a part of the Luckemeyer art collection.  Thanks for your hospitality and support of my artwork, Karen and James! 


West Texas Sunset

Sunset:  West Texas is well-known for their colorful and beautiful sunsets.  My 18x24 landscape painting was exhibited at the new Jerry's Artarama art store on San Pedro Ave. in San Antonio for the month of January.  My initial inspiration for this sunset painting started with one of my past art road trips.  BIG Skies lead to many ways for self-expression through art. 
Primal Sunset

Almost Dark . . . Sunset:  My 12x36 panoramic landscape of NewMexico tells the western story of a rugged, open land.  I chose to put the landforms in silhouette for the purpose of drama and contrast.  I like New Mexico's landscapes, culture, and seasons.  They all remind me of their spicy chili peppers. 

City Lights of San Antonio
Night:  Night-time in San Antonio!  I first photographed this scene while downtown at an art reception.  I loved the bright lights of the moving traffic and cars, plus, the colorful signs and buildings of this urban setting.  I enjoyed painting this 11x14 painting.  It was bought by an artist from New Braunfels at the River Art Gallery.  Limited prints are now available. 

Current and upcoming art shows are featured on my website:  www.CindyMorawski.com.  I also have links to my gallery and information about my art classes.  Hope you'll check it out!  Thanks!

Sweet Wishes for Valentine's Day!  Sending out love and hugs!  ~~Cindy