Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Brings Spring Flowers! New Season's Artwork

May Brings Spring Flowers! 

White Blossoms of Ewing Park, 5x7 floral painting

Near the end of April, Paul and I headed north to visit my family and friends in Western Pennsylvania.   One of our stops included a favorite, Ewing Park in Ellwood City.  Along the main road into the park, blossoming trees and shrubs greeted us.  What a lovely springtime HELLO!   I especially gathered inspiration from the white blossoms near the trailhead of the park.  Painting this floral artwork reminded me again of the natural beauty that surrounds us.  This painting is currently on display and for sale at the Bijou Cinema and Bistro in San Antonio with the Texas Pastel Society's Members Art Show for May 2016.  

Tulip Blooms in Glass, 5x7 floral still life painting

Tulips have always been one of my favorite spring flowers.  I remember traveling to Holland and visiting endless fields of blooming tulips when I lived and worked in Europe.   Dutch tulips are breathtaking and inspiring.  Earlier this month, I bought some purple and white tulip blooms to enjoy and paint as a still life.  I listened to classical music and painted this artwork in my kitchen.  I placed the flowers in one of my glass vases to showcase and appreciate them as well.   My painting will be available and on display this Saturday, May 14, 2016, 10 to 4, at the Boerne Art Waddle.  I'll have this season's artwork in my white tent on the Cibolo Creek, 401 Brackenridge, Boerne, on the lovely property of Nancy White, our hostess.  Hope you'll join me!

White Orchids in Orange Pot, 12x6 floral still life

In February, I received a pot of white orchids as a gift.  I love flowers so these flowers were very special to me.   I worked hard to keep them alive and healthy.  Lots of attention by way of water and fertilizer,  just the right amount of sunlight, and so on.  I drew inspiration from my gift so I decided to paint a still life.  This is the first time I have painted in this size.  12 x 6.  I thought a tall and narrow composition would help accent the height of the flowers in the pot.  I also found a perfect gold gallery frame at Harold's Framing, one of my favorite San Antonio frame shops on Roosevelt Avenue.   

King of Sunshine and Shadows, Grayling on the Back Deck, cat portrait painting

Grayling, a feral cat, mysteriously arrived  in the middle of the night.  He's been with us now for over a year.  Trust and love have won him over.  He's part of our furry family and prefers to sit in the sunlight on our back deck.  Our backyard has lots of tall trees.  I liked the image of the tree shadows on his back.   I decided to paint his portrait where he feels most comfortable--the railing on our deck.  I placed a thick, colorful rug in the spot he likes.  He's claimed it for himself.  He's the King of Waldon Heights!  

Little Beaver Creek in April, 5x7 landscape painting of Enon Valley, PA

Strong childhood memories were evoked with this landscape.  I re-visited this setting, my childhood farm, last month while traveling in Pennslyvania.  The Little Beaver Creek on our dairy farm was the scene of swimming, fishing, and hiking for my brother and me, plus, our many cousins while growing up.   Paul, Mom, and I drove to the farm in April.  The township's game commission had recently stocked the creek with trout.  There were fishermen nearby enjoying the sunny spring day.  I stopped our rental car near the Gilmore Bridge, named after Gilmore Road and my great grandparents on my mother's side of the family, James and Louise Gilmore.   I enjoyed painting this landscape.  The Little Beaver Creek continues to bring good memories of playing along and in the water and also re-connecting with nature.  

 Hope you'll also consider joining me for my Memorial Day art event--the Kerrville Festival of the Arts, a juried art show on May 28, 29, 10 to 6, in the historic downtown of  Kerrville, Texas.  If you need more info on my art shows, please check out the link on my website: