Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Morning, Noon, and Night . . . Landscape Paintings with Cows, Canyons, and Cars

Hill Country Morning

Morning:  Nothing like a beautiful morning sunrise in the Texas Hill Country, especially if it's near the water.  This painting started with a charcoal sketch.  The next step included a watercolor wash as an underpainting.  The last part of the process ended with the layering of pastels.  It's presently on display and for sale at the River Art Gallery at downtown San Antonio's historic LaVillita Village. 


The Three Sisters


Afternoon:  This painting's landscape was inspired by the Luckemeyer Ranch outside Salado, Texas.  The ranch and cattle belong to Karen and James Luckemeyer.  I met their Black Angus cattle, the three sisters, on one fine November Day before Thanksgiving.  The cattle were backlit by the sun going down in the late afternoon.  The girls were as curious about me as I was of them.  My painting is now a part of the Luckemeyer art collection.  Thanks for your hospitality and support of my artwork, Karen and James! 


West Texas Sunset

Sunset:  West Texas is well-known for their colorful and beautiful sunsets.  My 18x24 landscape painting was exhibited at the new Jerry's Artarama art store on San Pedro Ave. in San Antonio for the month of January.  My initial inspiration for this sunset painting started with one of my past art road trips.  BIG Skies lead to many ways for self-expression through art. 
Primal Sunset

Almost Dark . . . Sunset:  My 12x36 panoramic landscape of NewMexico tells the western story of a rugged, open land.  I chose to put the landforms in silhouette for the purpose of drama and contrast.  I like New Mexico's landscapes, culture, and seasons.  They all remind me of their spicy chili peppers. 

City Lights of San Antonio
Night:  Night-time in San Antonio!  I first photographed this scene while downtown at an art reception.  I loved the bright lights of the moving traffic and cars, plus, the colorful signs and buildings of this urban setting.  I enjoyed painting this 11x14 painting.  It was bought by an artist from New Braunfels at the River Art Gallery.  Limited prints are now available. 

Current and upcoming art shows are featured on my website:  www.CindyMorawski.com.  I also have links to my gallery and information about my art classes.  Hope you'll check it out!  Thanks!

Sweet Wishes for Valentine's Day!  Sending out love and hugs!  ~~Cindy