Friday, July 27, 2012

Wellsboro, the Home of Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon

Enjoying the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania . . .

by Cindy Morawski

Upper View in Leonard Harrison State Park
Following the Water through the Gorge

Cruising on my Bike

 Pine Creek Trail

  Paul's Ready for More Bears

Pine Creek Rail-Trail

Paul and I rented Raleigh Cruisers through the Pine Creek Outfitters.  We biked about 20 miles from Ansonia to Blackwell on the converted rails to trails one early morning last Wednesday.  Surprised by a black bear near Marsh Creek at the beginning of our ride, we started our bicycling adventure through the gorge with some unexpected wildlife.   The bear broke through the weeds by the creek to our right, surprised at visitors on the trail, he stopped and studied us, then scrambled up the hill and into the woods.  Midway through our ride, we also discovered an eagle fishing on the creek.  The eagle successfully dipped down and scooped up a large fish with its talons.  We continued to watch as it headed for a high retreat in a nearby tree to enjoy its breakfast.  Other notable wildlife along our bike trail included chipmunks, crows, ravens, hawks, and deer.  A small fawn, who startled us by leaping out of the woods, was the last sighting before we concluded our ride in Blackwell. 
The trail is open year-round,  and it's also open to horseback riding, hiking, cross-country skiing, and snow shoeing.  It's a beautiful way to see the canyon.   

Wellsboro, the County Seat of Tioga County

Wellsboro was named for Mary Wells, the wife of the pioneer founder.  Around 200 years old, this town today has the charm of a bygone era.  Gaslights, grassy boulevards, a town square and green, and its own diner give its visitors a glimpse into the past.  Paul and I enjoyed our three day stay in Wellsboro.  We toured the shops, local library, art center, and a local farmer's market as well.  An early summer evening ride on the Tioga Central Train to a nearby lake was our final activity before we had to leave.  Delicious wines and appetizers were part of the train's fare.  Wellsboro's hospitality has had us thinking ever since we departed about a future return trip. 

Wellsboro Diner, established in 1939, and a fun place to eat!

 We took a train ride with the Tioga Central RailRoad.

Old Country Barn on a Hill outside Wellsboro

More Scenic Stops near Wellsboro

Summer WildFlowers of Pennsylvania~~Thistle Bloom & Queen Anne' Lace 


Simpler Times: A Summer Photo Essay

Twilight at Lake Chautauqua
Shade Tree by the Lake

Bicycle by the Boat House

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