Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Blog~~Art Tributes to Wacky Weather, the Winter Olympics, and Valentine's Love of My Feathered Friends

Birds of a Feather
2014 Bird Series:
Ruffled Feathers
by Cindy Morawski
Skating is for the Birds!

Polar Plunge.  Bi-polar.  The local weathermen have been having fun with all the name calling when it comes to 2014's winter weather patterns.  There's no doubt, though, that South Texas has lately been having a roller coaster ride with cold winter weather.  Just when you've lined up your sweaters for a frozen day, it will then suddenly warm up and make you want to put on a pair of shorts.  The cold days have included extended freezes, ice, sleet, graupel ( a snow-like substance that resembles dip-n-dots ice cream), road closures, school closings, delayed events, and more.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Besides the roller coaster effect, I also feel like I'm on a tilt-a-whirl--dizzy from all the unexpected ups and downs of a climate that's turned wacky!  What are scientists saying about all of this? 
I've been watching ice skating in the XXII Winter Olympics from Sochi.  The opening ceremonies kicked off last night.  I've also noticed lots of ice right in my yard due to the recent freezing temperatures.  And, because of the two events, I created a cartoon for my birds--who are landing on the bird bath and finding--nothing but ice.  I entitled it~~Skating is for the Birds!  I've been giving them lots of bird seed to help them survive, but every time I put out more water, it freezes, and then they don't have anything to drink.  I've also noted that some of them are pecking the ice and then eating it.  They are catching on. 

February signals a couple of Holidays.  Valentine's Day:  Love and affection.  Cupids.  Hearts.  President's Day:  Birthdays of Washington and Lincoln.  Tributes to our Great Presidents. 
For the Holiday of Love, Valentine's Day, I'd like to pay tribute to more of my backyard birds.  I LOVE my little feathered friends.  They are fun to watch, and I also enjoy photographing, sketching, and painting them.  I'll include some of my 2014 bird series paintings.
Fluff and Flutter, Ruffled Feathers
Tufted Titmouse, Backyard Visitor

House Wren

Red-bellied Woodpecker
Hope all of you, have a February full of fun, love, and adventure!  Happy Valentine's Day!  Happy President's Day!  And, Go USA!  Hope our Olympic heroes bring back the gold this month!
Lastly, I had my webmaster, Lori Schroeder of L.S.Website Designs, re-vamp my website's gallery.  I'm going for a more user-friendly approach.  My artwork is now in themes or categories.  Please check it out:  Thanks!