Friday, May 8, 2015

LIVING COLOR~~America's Southwest~~My Panoramic-- 12 x 36 --Landscape Paintings

Borderland Sunset, 12x36

I pulled off the highway when I witnessed this sunset while on a Southwest road trip.  The sky's colors were extraordinary.  I stared.  I took it all in.  Then, I pulled out my camera and got the evidence.  I knew this later had to become a painting.  Sunsets give me goose bumps and challenge me to interpret the moments in time with colors and shapes. 
This painting has been sold to my friend and art patron John last Fall.  I currently have limited prints of the painting available.  I also have it in art cards.  
Road to New Mexico, 12x36

Another road trip to New Mexico inspired this painting.  Driving to Albuquerque on Interstate 40, I headed into a summer storm.  I was hit by hail and blinding rain.  I worried that I might also get hit by a big truck since no one had any visibility that day.  When I finally drove to the other side of the storm and it ended, I felt relieved and grateful.  This event was permanently sketched into my memory.  The painting followed in my studio after I returned home. 
I'll have this artwork on display this Saturday, May 9, 2015, at the Boerne ART Waddle.  Here's a flyer with more information about it. 

Primal Sunset, 12x36

Red skies can stop me in my tracks.  Combine that with a silhouette of desert formations and you definitely have my attention.  I tried to show through this painting~~the power and simplicity of nature's end of the day--show.  I celebrated nature with my painting~~Primal Sunset, another panoramic landscape.  This painting will also be on display at the Boerne ART Waddle.   


Reaching Skyward, 12x36

Sipping coffee one morning this past winter, while looking out the kitchen window into my side yard, I had a head-smacking moment.  Why had I not noticed this lovely tree before?  I had hiked all over the place looking for trees to paint.  Meanwhile, there was one~~ right under my nose.  In my yard at home.   AHA!  The light lit up in my brain.  I picked up my sketchbook and got started.  Later, while reaching for my art supplies, I also reached skyward with this tall tree's portrait, 12x36.  You can find this painting at the Texas Pastel Society's Art Show at the Bijou Cinema during the month of May.  It's also joined by three of my bird paintings. 

I also want to invite you to my last show before I take a summer break in June--Kerrville's 2015 Festival of the ARTS, May 23 & 24, all day, downtown Kerrville.  This is a juried art show, and I'll be located in a large white tent with other artists.  Kerrville's taking it to the streets.  This show will stop traffic.  Part of the city will be blocked off for the art festival.  I participated last year and look forward to it again this year.  More information is available through the Kerrville Festival website and also on Facebook. 
FINAL NOTE:  Feel free to make an appointment to visit me at my home gallery and art studio.  210.522.0706.  I have paintings available in my home gallery and accept commissions as well.  Contact me through the following email address too:  Lastly, you can check out my work anytime on my website: