Tuesday, June 14, 2016

JUNE 2016 Is Busting Out All Over! Taking Summer Flight with ArtBirds, a Butterfly, and Landscapes

Sunset and Rain on London Hts., 8x10 Landscape Painting

Rain, rain go away!  That's heretical thinking in Texas.  We have had such terrible droughts in the past years that we are programmed to think that rain is ALWAYS a good thing.  Well, recently we had too much rain.  Lots of Spring flooding, deaths, and damage in Texas.  I was carrying my umbrella around for what seemed like weeks.  One night between rainstorms, I took a walk with my dog Rusty and witnessed a beautiful sunset in my neighborhood.  The rainy sunset had created a wet and colorful canvas on the street of London Heights.  The light on the tops of the oak trees also transformed them into a magical sight.  I was inspired to paint!  

Garden Bluebird, 5x7 ArtBird Painting

Bluebird of Happiness.  That's how I feel when I see these little birds.  Happy!  I have painted bluebirds twice before; and, they continue to inspire me.  Plus, place them in a garden setting, and you have a lovely sight.  Tweet!  

Monarch Visits with Coneflowers, 5x7 ArtBird Painting

The journey and story of the Monarch Butterfly inspires me in my Artwork.  The butterfly's fragile beauty and success contrasts with thousands of obstacles placed in its pathway during migration.   Yet, it survives and continues to cast its wonder and loveliness in gardens across America.  Long Live the Monarch!  

Little Garden Visitor, 5x7 ArtBird Painting

Wrens in the garden have a special place in my heart.  Their curious and lively manners make them seem like large personalities, even though they are small birds in size.   Soft seasonal colors dominate the background in this painting.  I enjoyed painting this little garden bird in my 2016 Garden Series.  

Grassland Greeting, 8x10 Landscape Painting

Road trips offer me lots of adventure and inspiration in Art.  I viewed and painted this landscape while traveling through West Texas.  Paul and I had started out early so we witnessed the sunrise of a new day.  I placed the golden grasses strongly in the foreground as a partner in overlooking the early morning's sun-- peeking out above the horizon.  Our morning started out overcast, but ended with a clear and sunny afternoon for a continued drive on the highway of possibilities.  

Summer ART News:
 I'm offering a Summer Kidz Art Camp in July/August.  More info is on my website and Facebook.  On July 30th, I'm also having a one day Workshop in Drawing & Painting--ARTBIRDS.  Again, please check out my website for more details or email me with questions.  Email:  cski02@sbcglobal.  Website:  www.CindyMorawski.com  ---Thanks, Cindy!