Monday, January 6, 2014

Commissioned Artwork for the New Year and a Look at Past Paintings

Washing Day, Nov. 2013 Commission

Commissioned Painting--Celebration Lawn


Sadie--Pet Portrait~~Commissioned Artwork
Commissions~~Another Road to a Painting
by Cindy Morawski


Webster's Dictionary defines-- commission, verb, "to order to be made."  That's a way of initiating an artwork or painting.  My commissioned works featured here-- were started with a consultation with the buyer or client.  I met the person interested in the commission and talked about the subject of the painting.  My references were mostly from photographs.  However, I also tried to go to the site if it was a landscape, or I met the pet for a portrait of the animal. 
San Antonio Residence--Commission
The more familiar I get with my subject, the better.  I try to photograph my paintings' subjects as well.  I'll take the photos from several angles and at different times of the day if they are outdoors.  Sometimes, I have to go with the client's photograph.  I simply can't travel to the site--it's too expensive or too far away.  If it's a pet that's a tribute portrait, i.e., the pet passed away, I can't meet the animal or photograph him or her.  I have to rely on the owner's photography.  I will also interview the person who is commissioning the artwork and ask questions about what they want or expect.  The details can make all the difference.  If there's a story behind it, I let that guide my inspiration too. 
Commissioned Paintings are a wonderful way to get the painting that you truly want.  It will involve your wishes, your subject, and your way of preserving a memory for the future.  It can also be a treasure that is passed down through multiple generations of your family. 
If you are interested in a commission to kick off the New Year, please give me a call at my studio, (210)-522-0706, or email me:  We'll start with a consultation.  The possibilities are endless.  Other artwork can be viewed through my website:  Thanks and Happy 2014!!!