Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Magical Mystery of Last Saturday~~A Blog about an Art Show and my Canadian Connection

Magical Mystery Tour
by Cindy Morawski
 Under the shade of a Texas Live Oak on Alamo Plaza, I placed a simple white tent.   I had painted several landscapes and animal portraits for the Randolph Art League's Fiesta Art Show which kicked off on April 19, 2013.   The tent helped me exhibit 45 paintings, plus, lots of matted prints and art cards.  I was trying to give my customers and viewers a gallery experience. 


Colorful banners, piƱatas, and flowers waved in the breeze.  Viva Fiesta San Antonio!  It took me about two hours to set up my decorated tent each day.  I also had to take it down at the end of the day and pack up my car.  That took another hour to an hour and a half.  And, that didn't account for the time to set up the tent.  My husband Paul loyally helped me with the tent set up each day.  I took care of setting up my artwork and the decorations.  We both experienced the exercise regiment of setting up and taking down.  Thanks, Paul!  You deserve the behind-the scenes Fiesta medal.  However, I had opportunities to meet lots of wonderful folks from all over the world at my art show.  That made up for the strenuous lifting and toting each and every day. 


 About a week before the art show, I had received a mysterious email to myself ~~from myself.   When I opened the email, I read a  lovely letter from Cynthia Morawski, a teacher from Ottawa, Canada.  She said that she had "googled" her name one day at work in her school office, and she discovered my art website.  She was surprised about her namesake, and exclaimed that she loved my artwork.  She then found out that she was coming to San Antonio for a professional conference the weekend of April 20, 2013.  She inquired if she could meet me and see my art.  I answered the email.  I responded that I would be downtown in an art show and that I would love to meet her.  I gave her my cell phone number. 

 When we met, I noticed that she too was blonde and had blue eyes.  We were both teachers and loved art.  We shared the same name, but we shared so much more as well.  It was a full-circle moment.  I still can't believe it.  The stars and planets seemed to align to bring about this amazing day.  Cynthia also brought along her wonderful friend Linda Stein.  She was delightful.  I couldn't wait to get Paul to take a picture of all three of us together.  I couldn't stop smiling.  I felt like I had always known these women.   We exchanged contact information.  They bought some of my artwork too.  I instinctively knew that we would meet again. 

On that same day, I noticed the past and future go by me.  A VIA all-electric bus with renewable energy, one of the city's newest in a progressive fleet of San Antonio's public transportation, encountered a horse-drawn carriage on the South Alamo Plaza.  The clip-clop of the horses hooves made more noise on the pavement than that silent electric bus as they passed each other.  Going in opposite directions seemed appropriate.  Slow or fast lane?  Travel choices make life exciting!   

 The magic continued on Saturday.  I saw couples of all ages holding hands while strolling by our art tents at the show.  Eating scooped ice cream cones, carrying colorful balloons, pushing babies in strollers, walking their well-mannered dogs on leashes, and nodding hello to me as they walked by or stopped to see my art, folks of all sizes and types visited the plaza.  I met a couple from Israel, a soft-spoken student from Italy, and several friendly people from Canada, as well as visitors from all over the United States.  There were tourists galore!  But, no matter who I met during the show, I kept thinking about the magical mystery of my Canadian Connection.   I could still feel the smile on my face. 
 My next door tent neighbor ~~artist Monique Montney~~looked stunning at the show!  She wore a red beret, pants, and shoes, and a colorful smock that spelled~~CREATIVE.  Her beautiful artwork featured painted gourds and canvases.  You go, girl!

RAL Member Earl Rankin displayed his traditional Fiesta medals on a blue sash.  He had been recently photographing everyone.  He also was holding a photo album of last year's participants.  He's keeping track of our lively crew and show.  Thanks for helping us feel like we belong, Earl!

 The magical mystery tour concluded for some as they boarded the red trolley and left the plaza.  Thanks for coming to our art show this year!  It was a show I'll always remember.