Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sunset Limited~~Travels by Train

Traveling by Train
A Photo Essay
 by Cindy Morawski
Early Departure by Train from San Antonio

Paul and I left San Antonio last Sunday at 6:30 a.m. by train.  We were on the Sunset Limited which was heading to New Orleans.  

Amtrak's Sunset Limited

On Track
Los Angeles to New Orleans
On the train they call the City of New Orleans, I'll be gone five-hundred miles when the day is through . . .

All Aboard to the Dining Car
Lounge Car with a View
Water and Sky Landscape
Wheels in Motion


Passenger Cars
Looking for adventure?  I'd recommend hopping a train.  Paul and I left from Sunset Station in downtown San Antonio and saw some beautiful sights along the way as we headed to Louisiana and New Orleans.  One of the highlights included coming into New Orleans on the Huey Long Bridge at night.  It was surreal.  Almost like gliding in by airplane.  The bridge is elevated above the city so with the darkness, the water, and the distant cityscape's lights twinkling, we felt as though we were flying! 
Invitation to a Dessert Reception
You're invited to the Candlelight Coffeehouse Cafe
this Thursday, November 29, 2012
from 7 to 9 p.m.
Hosted by the SAVA Co-op Artists
3011 N. St. Mary's
San Antonio, TX  78212
Our ARTWORK will be on view and for sale for the remainder of November and throughout December.  BUY ART!  It would make a great Holiday Gift!
Sunset Limited to New Orleans
Early Departure from San Antonio
Los Angeles to New Orleans
Dining Car on the Train

Amtrak Lounge Car with a View

 Railroad Sites along the Way . . .


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Season's Gift Ideas~~Holidays 2012

Gifts from the Heart this Holiday
The Three Amigos, a Recent Commissioned Pet Portrait

If you're looking for a uniquely personal gift, a commissioned pet portrait could be just the answer this Holiday Season.  I'm offering 20% off this month and next.  I will have it finished before Christmas for a HO!HO! HO! Santa Delivery!  Just give me a holiday email or phone call, and I'll get to my Christmas Workshop and start right on it!  Email:  cski02@sbcglobal.net . . .  Studio Phone:  210.522.0706

Taos Gorge, 9x12 Landscape of NM

Golden Morning, featured at the Hotel Valencia


The paintings on the left are recent ones in my American Landscape series.  Taos Gorge, New Mexico, a painting I completed this past October, is based upon an awesome scene I first witnessed outside Taos, New Mexico last Fall.  I sketched and photographed it from the gorge bridge that spanned this natural wonder. I especially loved the Southwest colors of pinks, lavendars, and sages, and I tried to capture them in my artwork.  Golden Morning, now on exhibit at the Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk, is a landscape that I painted when I was traveling this past summer in Northern Pennsylvania.  The morning scene came from the farm where I stayed when visiting Wellsboro, PA.