Friday, April 27, 2012

Color My Spring, New Paintings for April 2012

New Song, Spring Fledgling
Soul Sky, Juried Painting at the SAAL Museum



         ~~Cindy Morawski~~

Mallard Duck at the Gardens

Fresh Air II

Spring in San Antonio
by Cindy Morawski

 Spring in San Antonio has been colorful and festive this year.  I have been especially drawn to the birds and wildflowers.  Seeing New Life everywhere has given me a new focus and a sense of joy.

The baby birds have been sounding off lately.  I can hear their chirping, feed me, feed me mantras.  Earlier, I noticed the empty eggshells first on the ground when I was putting out birdseed for them.  I also spied the bird parents frantically trying to feed their offspring.  And, lately, the fledglings seem to be all over the place.  I can hear them in our Mt. Laurel when I take Rusty, my dog, outside at night before bedtime for his last "potty-break."  

"Don't forget me, Mom!"  The young birds are still dependent on mom and dad to deliver several meals a day.  The dove kids get regurgitated seeds and the mockingbirds and jay babies get worms and all type of insects.  

When I visited the San Antonio Botanical Garden earlier this month, I met a mallard duck who was cruising close to the pond's shore by the homestead house.  The sun brought out the emerald sheen on his neck.  The ducks are fairly tame at the park because they get a lot of exposure to people everyday.  There were school children on holiday from school while I was visiting with the ducks.  They too were excited to see them so close-up.  One student got a little rambunctious by jumping up and down near the cedar stumps.  That's when Mr. Mallard turned and sped away, quacking and scolding loudly across the water.  

The wildflowers started out in all shades of blues, pinks, and purples in March.  Now, yellow flowers have sprung up.  Their bright golds and buttery yellows blanket the fields and meadows near my home.  Look for them when you're driving.  They're even along the highways and streets in and around the city.  Let the sunshine in . . .

I hope you are having a good spring!  Please look for me in my last two spring art shows in May for the season.  I'll list them below:

  1. First Friday on May 4th at La Villita and the SA River Art Gallery, from 3 to 9 p.m.
  2. Artastic! 2012, May 6th,  10:30 to 4, Temple Beth-El, 211 Belknap Place, San Antonio
One last thing, I just bought a new shipment of beautiful frames.  They are solid wood and vary in styles.   If you buy a painting, a new frame will be included for the spring season.  

Mother's Day is coming up in two weeks on May 13th.  If you need a gift or a card, I'm only an email or a phone call away.  Mockingbird Studio:  210.522.0706/ Email:


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Viva Fiesta! RAL's Alamo Show~~April 2012

  VIVA FIESTA!  A Look at the RAL ART SHOW Photography by Cindy Morawski 

Arriving at Alamo Plaza by Trolley

Alamo Scene during Fiesta April 22, 2012

A Banner Day~~A Closer Look at the Exhibits

Street Scene near the Alamo

Emily Morgan Hotel overlooking the Alamo

Ready for the Show!

An Inside Scoop

by Cindy Morawski

Watching the Alamo Trolley pull up to the plaza, I wondered what this place looked and felt like in the past.  There have been a variety of vendors and merchants selling their art, souvenirs, food, and wares throughout San Antonio's history.  It made me realize that I was just one of many who have come to this place, the Alamo Plaza, to meet others and to exhibit and sell.  

Last weekend on Saturday, the weather started out clear and cool.  Perfect for my first day at the Fiesta Art Show!  Paul helped me set up my 10 x 10  E-Z -UP  and then I started to turn this ordinary pop-up tent into an art gallery.  I hung my paintings with their title and price labels and added some Fiesta decorations too.  My art card display rack stood on the left and my print rack to the right.  I felt like I was ready to go at 10:00 a.m.

With the festivities going on at the Alamo and throughout the city, the attendance looked good.  I met people from around the world.  A couple of guys from China offered to teach me some simple words in Chinese.   We exchanged a good laugh over that.  One was a student here and the other was a friend who was visiting.  I also enjoyed meeting a woman from Australia, a married couple from Switzerland, and a host of others from around the world and throughout the United States. 

After I sold a painting to a customer Saturday morning, the cannon sounded.  I told the visitor from California that that happened every time I made a sale.  They almost bought it until I started to giggle.  The historic re-enactments had started with a boom!  My sales exploded as well.  I had a good day with folks connecting to my art.  I waved good-bye to my new patrons and my creations when they left my booth.  My paintings started their own journey after they left my hands.  I wondered where they would be eventually hung.  A den?  An office?  Above a fireplace?

Fiesta comes once a year for 10 days of celebration.  I'm glad that I live in a city that is colorful, friendly, and takes time to be happy.  It's contagious!  I can feel a smile and a happy dance coming on.  Viva Fiesta~~San Antonio! 

Monday, April 16, 2012


Fiesta San Antonio!~~Cindy Morawski





10:00 a.m. --  5:00 p.m.
Hot!  Red Chili Pepper Duo~~Cindy Morawski

Fiesta Paintings and more featured
in the RAL Exhibit

 by Cindy Morawski

Fiesta's Randolph Art League's Show at Alamo Plaza starts this Friday, April 20, 2012,  and ends on April 26th.  Look for me in the plaza in front of the Alamo Wall.  Fiesta - theme Paintings, Texas Landscapes, prints, art cards, and more will be on exhibit and available for purchase.  Fiesta is getting kicked off this Thursday and lots of activities will continue this month!  Hope to see you there!  Ole!!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Springtime in the SA Botanical Gardens~~Beauty in the Natural World

 San Antonio's Botanical Gardens

April's DayTrippers

Flowers at Garden's Front Entrance

High Desert Cactus
Conservatory's First Light
Hilltop View of the Gardens

Mallard Duck on the Homestead's Pond

Pioneer Cabin

Reflections along the Garden's Water

Spreading Cactus in the Desert Conservatory

Beauty in the Natural World

by Cindy Morawski

I stepped out of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens last week feeling like I'd won the Texas Lotto!  Seeing the Gardens with my DayTripper friends on Thursday made me feel lucky.  The weather seemed like spring.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  There was sunshine and a light breeze.   Flowers of every color, shape, and size were blooming.  The scent of those blooms wafted softly and subtly past me.  I inhaled slowly.  My senses could get used to starting every day with these basic elements.  

Starting with the Garden for the Blind, we relied on our senses of touch and smell.   Pretty sculptures dotted the landscape along with sweet shrubs and aromatic herbs.  I especially liked the pungent oregano and basil along the walkway.  An elegant arrangement of cranes posed by the herb garden.  Their long beaks and legs seemed to point out the best garden features to me.   I used my tactile sense of touch to enjoy a nearby armadillo sculpture positioned waist-high in the flowerbed.  Its textured armor helped me realize how effectively those scales might work.  

Moving on to our next stop, we lingered in the Japanese Garden.  A Japanese maple mirrored its crimson color in the reflecting pool below.  Soothing sounds of a waterfall accented our stroll along the path.  Koi darted in and out of the small pond's plant life, flashing brilliant spots of orange and golden highlights toward our group.  A sense of serenity filled me.  I inhaled deeply.  I remembered my yoga breathing.  I'd wished that I could have stayed longer there.  

Looking up, I noticed the sunlight's reflections on the conservatories' glass towers.  Their futuristic appearance spelled Star Trek to me.   Lingering for a photo by the lily pond, my friends and I then headed inside to have a look at the desert conservatory.  Warm, dry air greeted us.  The arms of the first cactus said hello.  A metal scorpion sculpture seemed real atop a large rock in this desert environment.  The excited voices of several  elementary students from a school field trip aided my memory of ones I had taken with former students when I taught at Medina Valley Middle School.   The kids' excitement was contagious.  No school for them.  No work for me.  A garden holiday for everybody!

Next, we stepped into another world.  Warm, moist air embraced me as I opened the foggy and wet glass door of the second conservatory.   Did I take a wrong turn and land somehow in Hawaii?    Colorful orchids stood out in an abundance of greens.  An overhang with a waterfall seemed like a Kodak Moment.  Everywhere I looked, bits of luxurious pigments winked seductively to me.  I wanted to examine each pink, red, and purple.  I knelt down to photograph the orchid in the above photograph.  The petals looked like they had been carefully handcrafted by a master artist.  The surrounding foliage might hide a lizard or monkey.  Exotic places in nature possessed the power to stimulate the imagination.  

After visiting other gardens and places in the remaining conservatories, we concluded with a tour of tall trunks of palm trees and large fronds of ferns and palm leaves.  Heading up the stairway to a second story lookout, we viewed the palms' second story height.  Dazzled by the view from above, I then sensed the magic of the natural world.  From down below, I again could hear the cacophony of many student voices.  It blended into a symphony of beauty for me.  I pushed out the door with the sound of that music in my heart, suddenly ready for a new location and adventure.  

On the pathway leading to the hilltop viewing area, I spied a stately cactus.  Its spiky reach looked like it might spear the nearest puffy cloud.   I also noted that the morning's haze had burned off and now the sky was a brilliant blue.  What a Big Sky!  After being indoors touring all those conservatories, I couldn't help but notice the sunshine and openness of the great outdoors.  From the top of the hill, you could see all the way downtown.  I spied the Tower of America off South Alamo at Hemisfair Park to my left and the university's tall buildings to my right.  The garden's sidewalks snaked along the open grassy areas below.  Thirty-eight acres of park spread out in my peripheral vision.  More beauty.  Just a different kind.  

I realized with enthusiasm that one of the best parts was yet to come.  The large pond and the homestead.  Mallard and wood ducks greeted us at the water's edge.  Comfortable benches nearby looked inviting too.   An elegant white domestic duck cruised by on the pond's smooth surface with a wide wake behind it.  The homestead cabin stood securely rooted on the opposite side of the water.  It looked like a movie set.  It seemed too good to be true.   We took our time hiking around the pond, and then stopped to examine the cabin and the homestead's vegetable garden.  A trip back to the 19th Century.   

For me, we saved the very best for last.  The rose garden.  Heavy blooms covered each rose bush.  I had never witnessed this many blooms ever in the past.  I could hear the soundtrack's song -- "Everything's coming up roses . . ."   I spied the Carriage House Bistro's white tent on the patio past the rose garden.  I had worked up an appetite.  The aroma of tasty food blended with the roses' scent.  My friends and I headed out of the garden for lunch on the patio.  A perfect ending to a wonderful day.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Texas Wildflowers featured in this Weekend's Starving Artists Art Show

Texas Crimson Clover

50th Annual Starving Artist Art Show

This weekend!
Saturday & Sunday, 
April 7th & 8th, 2012

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

San Antonio's La Villita Historic Arts Village
in Maverick Plaza
on the Riverwalk  
(off  S. Alamo Street)

Art, Food, Shopping, FUN!!!

Please look for me in Booth #126.  
Spring Landscapes, Wildflowers, and Wildlife Paintings will be available.

Original Framed Art, Reproductions,
 and Art Cards for Sale

Studio:  210.522.0706