Monday, December 2, 2013

For the Love of Trees~~Happy Holidays!!!

For the Love of TREES
Paintings and Narrative by Cindy Morawski

Two Trees near Bandera
Paul and I took an outdoor holiday with a friend last February in Bandera, Texas.  I fell in love with the bare trees along the Medina River.  We stopped for lunch and were lucky to get a window table that looked out on the tree-lined river.  The Comfort of Trees, the painting below, was inspired by that mid-day stop.  The above one, Two Trees near Bandera, was our final stop at the city park near sunset.   The horizon glowed, the shadows turned an inky purple, and the air turned chilly.  I was mesmerized.  "Hey, where'd you go?"  Paul said to me as we stood near the water.  I guess I was too happy to reply.  I was memorizing the landscape.  I wanted to keep it as a gift to myself.  I'd bring it out when I had to wait in the dentist's chair.  I'd unwrap it on a gloomy day of frustration.  I'd think of it while stuck in traffic on 410.   

The Comfort of Trees

Sometimes, it's important to stop and look up.  For me, that means literally looking up.  I look up at the sprawling Texas Live Oak in my backyard and get a mighty big show.  Squirrels chattering and racing around, birds singing and fluttering in a dance of movement, and the glorious sunlight filtering through the leaves like a church's stained glass window are all wonders to behold.   It's a mini-vacation.  Just give me five minutes on the back deck looking up, and I can wipe the slate clean, start fresh, and feel good about the world again. 
 Texas Live Oak

  Putting a tree in the spotlight gives it a starring role in the forest.  It's a soliloquy of grace and beauty. 
2013 Season's Shows and News
Fa! La! La! La!! 

  •  Kristkindlmarkt!  A traditional German outdoor market with hand-crafted gifts from the heart--Saturday, December 7th, 10 to 5, 422 Pereida St. at S. Alamo, King William District, San Antonio~~I'm participating this year with mini-paintings, art cards, art prints, art gift bags, and more.  Happy Holiday Shopping!  Free Admission.
  • Winter Art Show Opening at the Emily Morgan Hotel:  Thursday, December 19th, 6 to 8 p.m. --705 E. Houston Street near the Alamo in downtown San Antonio!  This exhibit starts this month and continues for three months.  It features local SA artists--painters and photographers.  All the work is for sale.  The show is located in the library of the hotel. 
  • Christmas Commissions available~~Pet portraits make wonderful gifts for Christmas.  I also have extra inventory this season with all types of holiday art gifts.  If you are interested, please call my studio:  210.522.0706 for an appointment.  Thanks!  ~~Cindy