Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer 2016~~July's Travels Inspire Artwork

Harmony, 11x14 floral pastel painting

Summer Blooms!  I found inspiration from a recent trip to Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Coneflowers and daisies stood alert and lovely in the Old Economy Village's garden.  My cousins and I toured the Living History setting as part of my family's 90th Reunion event-- during the second weekend of July.  I called this first painting Harmony after the Harmony Society who started Old Economy's religious and financial community in the 1800's.  This historic preservation site is located in Ambridge, PA.  

Daisy Duo, 8x10 floral pastel painting


Texas Night Strut, 8x10 rooster portrait painting

One of my latest ArtBirds is a colorful rooster.  I have painted roosters before, but not one like this.  Most of my roosters have been leghorns.  I liked this rooster's confidence and his variety of colors.  He's ready for a fun and festive night out!  

Morning with Amish Horses, 

12x6 farm animal portrait painting

Paul and I headed to Walnut Creek, Amish Country in Ohio, after the family reunion.  We toured the Yoder Farm and had a delightful day getting more insight about the plain and simple ways of the Amish.  I especially enjoyed meeting their farm animals and visiting the Amish School.  I had a chance to talk with the teacher and even look at the students' textbooks.  One of their classes is German, although they speak English during the school day.  We also sampled some homemade Amish cookies from the kitchen tour of their home.  I liked the iced molasses ones best.  

Naomi's Wash Day, 8x10 landscape painting with figure


  • Summer Art Show:  Great Harvest Bread Co., 2267 NW Military Drive in Castle Hills--July & August
  • Demo & Reception at Great Harvest---Saturday, August 13, 2016, 9 to Noon, plus Trunk Show with extra artwork
  • ArtBird Painting Workshop in Comfort, Texas--Saturday, July 30, 2016 . . .  check my website for more details . . .  There are a few more spots open.  Registration continues through July 28th.
  • Comfort Arts Festival~~I'll be doing a morning Art Demo at the Comfort Crockery on Seventh Street on Saturday, September 17th.  I have a special art display at the Comfort Crockery of Fine Arts --July, August, and September-- featuring my Bird Portrait Paintings.  They are on display and for sale.  
  • KIDZ Art Classes~~I have two spots open for children 5 and up for my Summer Friday afternoon art classes, 2 to 3 p.m.  Please call or email if you are interested.  Studio:  210.522.0706 /  email:  
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  1. I'm sorry Cindy but my husband does not want the Roses the picture that he sent you that is exactly the way he wanted it I don't agree but make it as pretty as possible money is no object